Aston Martin Lagonda

  • Dec 20, 2019 GMT
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Aston Martin Lagonda

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The Aston Martin Lagonda is a full-size four-door luxury saloon produced between 1974 and 1990 by British automaker Aston Martin. The brand is well known as the world’s one and only independent luxury car brand. It has been operating for over a hundred years now and with it, it brings together the interplay of superior design and automotive excellence from two established brands They have been working relentlessly to create beautiful and accomplished automotive in the world which they consider as art.

Aston Martin on one hand, has since ever been known as an iconic and premium sports car brand. This British brand has always stood out for its beautiful and more importantly, hand crafted cars that are a rage among drivers providing them a thrilling and exhilarating driving experience since as long as 1913.

The Lagonda brand on the other hand, is being revived for it being the world’s first luxury car brand. Operating since 1904, this brand is known to utilize zero emission powertrain technologies.

They have had a reputation for creating high-performance luxury cars since the first Aston Martin was designed which was over a hundred years ago. Aston Martin, founded in a small workshop in London in 1913 by Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford, has since developed into a globally respected luxury brand. Lagonda remains faithful and dedicated to the forward-thinking and ever experimenting spirit of Wilbur Gunn. Gunn was an Anglo-American engineer and businessman who founded Lagonda in 1904 in west of London.

Strategy and vision

The brand has seen its share of changes and upgradations over the years. Aston Martin unveiled an ambitious and forward-looking mid-term strategy in 2015, called the 'Second Century Plan'. This is a strategy adopted for transition of the brand. The initiative is structured in a way that it includes three phases: organizational stability, core reinforcement and product portfolio extension to produce a profitable and sustainable luxury business by 2020.

The strategy aims to improve productivity and cash production dramatically. This will help the brand to ensure that the long-term product development is financed through free cash flows. Along with this, there would also be an assurance of a reasonable returns for their investor groups.

Stabilisation- The company, with its four fold vision, has been able to achieve stabilization in the first two years of adoption of this strategy. By 2017, the company had come out with a new leadership team and a clear growth plan. They also attained de risking of their business and worked towards a fully financed setup.

Core Strengthening- The second leg of this strategy is to strengthen their core which they achieved by the year 2018 successfully. With this they launched an all new GT / sports car range. They also adopted a new “specials” strategy.

Portfolio expansion- The final aspect of this strategy deals with expansion of their portfolio. Actions on this phase have been initiated since 2018 and the company is on track to accomplish their goals by year 2022. Seven of their core model are expected to launched by 2022. Along with that there are plans to setup a second manufacturing facility to aid in their expansion plans. They are also working towards optimizing capacity at c.14k and also are working on technologies for full electronic vehicle capabilities.

With the above three aspects being taken care of, they wish to deliver and operate via a sustainable luxury business. This model would be capable of delivering a predictable graph of growth along with high margins. This will help create significant value and ensure long term sustainability for their business and operations.

Brand Partnerships

Aston Martin is a world-renowned and respected name that makes the most beautiful cars which helps create everlasting memories for their customers. They work towards seeking to bring their brand into complementary and creative spaces beyond their core business of creating beautiful automotive art.

Aston Martin Partnerships include an enviable range of brands acknowledging innovation in their knowledge areas. They explore and create relationships, alliances, and brand extensions that are authentic, capturing the essence of an exclusive and glamorous lifestyle.

Their main pillars include corporate collaborations, Aston Martin product licensing and luxury property development in the residential, aviation and marine sectors.   

They have alliances with Bowmore, Hackett, Juniper Networks, Red Bull Racing, Tag Heuer, Hotels and Resorts in Waldorf Astoria. They also have collaborated with renowned names like Exxon Mobil, Formitalia luxury interiors, G and G business developments, Hogan. The list doesn’t end here. They also collaborate with Marma Paris, Michelin, Quintessence Yachts, Triton Submarines and Simonetta. We have Beats by Dre, DOW, Immun'age UK, Pirelli, Arrow, Total, Hotels and Resorts in Waldorf Astoria on the racing side.


Aston Martin has worked relentlessly to expand its footprint all over the world and is striving to reach further. They have their network of official dealers reaching to over a hundred and sixty locations in over fifty countries. Their current support network is the biggest that has ever been in the history of Aston Martin. Their headquarter location is  Gaydon.

They also have a manufacturing plant and facility in St Athan which is their production and technology centre. For up to 750 new roles created, St Athan brings job opportunities to South Wales. The first technicians have been hired and are preparing for the positions they will take at the new plant at Gaydon. Other locations are ofcource, Gaydon and Newport Pagnell. Their performance centers are in Nurburgring and a test and development centre in Silverstone. Besides this, they are widely soread out through their brand and operation centres worldwide.

For the community

Their Second Century Strategy focuses on transforming Aston Martin into a profitable luxury company by encouraging responsible and sustainable economic development. This dedication has led them to build an integrated business strategy for Corporate Social Responsibility and to issue an annual Sustainability Report.

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