Will Xi Jinping’s rule ever end in China?

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Will Xi Jinping’s rule ever end in China?

Xi Jinping
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China’s Communist Party on Thursday, November 11, passed a resolution cementing President Xi Jinping’s place in history in a landmark event. The uncontested leader has rewritten the past with a third five-year term as China’s supreme leader. 

Xi, a central figure in China, has somehow always ensured holding on to his authority, power and status. In the past, rivals who tried challenging this status quo faded out. 

Will Xi Jinping’s rule ever end in China?

The crucial closed-door meeting of the Communist Party started on Monday, November 8, with around 400 members supporting the rare historical resolution. Previously, China had only two such resolutions –one in 1945 and the other in 1981. Mao Zedong, the founder of the Communist rule in China, and Deng Xiaoping, the chief architect of modern China, emerged as leaders in these years, respectively. 

What will life in China be like now?                        

Under Xi’s rule, China has been an authoritarian state and may continue to remain that way for some time now. 

The sexagenarian doesn’t like to leave China, not even stepping out for the crucial COP26. Reports claim that he hasn’t stepped out in over 21 months and mostly does his part via phone calls. Despite the reluctance to compromise on face-to-face meetings or face-timing world leaders, his actions have witnessed an interesting turn of events. 

Xi’s leadership has attracted a lot of international criticism. Yet, with this victory, his bold power play in the country has been cemented. 

China has undergone a dramatic change under his leadership. From the modernization of the Chinese military to the country becoming a technology powerhouse, Xi has mobilized it all. Growth at all costs is what has always been his priority. He is at the forefront of the initiative of ‘Common Prosperity’ in the country. His party has reportedly tightened its grip on Chinese society and has a hand in almost every aspect of life. 

Is this China’s New Era, and will Xi’s rule ever end in China? But, most importantly, will the Xi wave stop just at China? 

The supreme leader’s open-ended rule till 2027 has been coined as China’s great rejuvenation by the nation’s top leaders. All eyes will be on his moves now and what he plans to do at the global stage. 


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