NZ Climate Commission Announces Big Steps for a Greener Tomorrow

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NZ Climate Commission Announces Big Steps for a Greener Tomorrow

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 NZ Climate Commission Announces Big Steps for a Greener Tomorrow

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  • The NZ government announces new plan of action for fossil fuel conservation.
  • Aims to take away pressure off fossils by the next decade.
  • Students to be a part of the Climate Change Campus programme since May next year.

In a recent update, it has been revealed that the New Zealand government as promised has come up with next plan of action in terms of climatic change. In an endeavour to conserve fossil fuels, new alternatives are being looked at.  There’s also a ban being placed on the use of coal-fired boilers of the medium- and low-temperature varieties. It is noteworthy that this is the first major update since the draft package of the Climate Commission, which the Government had rolled out in February.

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Megan Woods, the Minister of Energy and Resources, was of the view that the announcements being made on Thursday shall have a major impact on the plan for energy conservation profile of the country. It shall help in giving the clean energy sector the boost it requires, and pave the way for a cleaner, greener tomorrow.

The ban announced on the new coal boilers , which are a part of the production and manufacture process, shall commence on 31 December 2021. It has further been proposed that prohibitions be laid on Fossil fuel boilers, where there were alternatives available if the existing options were cost effective too.

The government is further planning to make obsolete the use of coal boilers by the year 2037. In accordance with the National Environment Standard, there are discussions and research being done on how to gradually phase out the use of other fossil fuels.

The amount of coal that this endeavour is supposed to remove is as much as 500,000 tonnes every year. When these changes have been put to practise, it would mean that the amount of carbon footprint removed is equivalent to as many as 550,000 cars, revealed Ms. Wood.

In another major announcement of the day, the Government had announced the names of the 14 companies that had been approved for the “Decarbonisation Fund”. A sum of $22.8M shall be given out to these companies in the form of co-funding to help them gradually transition away from the use of Fossil fuels for their operations.

Schools in Christchurch have announced that in the month of May 2022, there should be student volunteers for the Climate Action Campus drive. In this, students will be taught on how to minimise their carbon footprint on the planet. They shall be a part of different activities such as rearing of chicken, growing vegetables, as well as several other kinds of organic experiments and tasks.


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