Latest on Novavax- vaccine to roll out from next week in Australia

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Latest on Novavax- vaccine to roll out from next week in Australia

Novovax Covid vaccine in Australia   
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  • Greg Hunt announces Novavax roll out date, will be available from Monday (14 February 2022).
  • A ‘three million dose’ shipment of the protein-based Covid vaccine has arrived in Australia already.

Novavax Inc.’s (NYSE:NVAX) protein vaccine will be available to Aussies from Valentine’s day (14 February 2022). The first shipment of vaccines has already arrived to help boost Australian immunity against Covid and its persisting variant Omicron. The two-dose vaccine is under media spotlight since it got its’s approval from the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI) and Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA). As announced by Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt, the Novavax covid vaccine will be rolled out across Australia from Monday.

Where can you get the Novavax vaccine?

The vaccine shots will be administered at state clinics and select general practitioners and pharmacies in the country. As per reports, the vaccine will be supplied to other pharmacies and practitioners from February 21.

The TGA has approved its use for those aged 18 or above and will be administered in two doses, with a gap of 21 days in between. The Novavax is Australia’s fifth approved vaccine, however, it is still not eligible to be used as a booster. The newly approved vaccine is also not approved for paediatric patients. With all these conditions on its use, the Novavax jab has joined the lot of in use vaccines in Australia which includes vaccines from other biotech biggies like AstraZeneca, Pfizer and Moderna.

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Why is Novavax so popular in Australian already?

Australia has participated well in the Novavax’s clinical trials and even the trials for Nuvaxovid booster for Covid are in progress in Australia. Virologist Angela Luttick was the first person to get jab and she has even released statements on her well-being, encouraging people to take the not so traditional vaccine. Protein based vaccines work different are made up from the genetic material of the Coronavirus itself.

The protein vaccine is known for its robust immune response generation against the virus, making it a highly anticipated one. According to the Department of Health there was a demand for a protein-based formula in Australia and Novavax’s jab is the answer to it. It is also the extra push for Australians yet to take the shot and protect themselves from the coronavirus.

On a cautionary note, the trials on the Novavax jab have found a few common side effects like headaches, muscle pain and fatigue. These are not unusual to that of the previously available vaccines.

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