Microsoft roped in as Principal Partner for COP26 Glasgow Summit

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Microsoft roped in as Principal Partner for COP26 Glasgow Summit

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 Microsoft roped in as Principal Partner for COP26 Glasgow Summit
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  • Microsoft has been roped in as a Principal Partner for the COP26
  • The summit has eight other domestic corporations and one Japanese MNC
  • All these businesses are playing a vital role in climate change action

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT), the Washington-headquartered multinational technology giant, has been roped in as a Principal Partner for the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) 2021. The Satya Nadella-led corporation is the tenth company as a Principal Partner for the COP26 Glasgow Summit.

Microsoft has recently crossed US$2 trillion in the market capitalisation following the momentous rise in the share prices in the present calendar year.

The shares of Microsoft have amassed a gain of approximately 20% in 2021, steering a considerable addition in the stock market value, effectively guiding a major contribution to the tech heavy benchmark Nasdaq Composite. In the corresponding period, Nasdaq recognised a gain of 11.50%.

Alongside Microsoft, eight other UK-based companies including SSE Plc (LON: SSE), ScottishPower Plc, NatWet Group Plc (LON: NWG), National Grid Plc (LON: NG), Sky Group Ltd, Sainsbury’s Plc (LON: SBRY), Reckitt Benckiser Plc (LON: RB) and GlaxoSmithKline Plc (LON: GSK) have already been signed as the Principal Partners for the UN Climate Change Summit 2021.

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The Tokyo-headquartered conglomerate Hitachi Ltd (TYO: 6501) also has a presence as one of the Principal Partners. All these corporations are set to extend the support for the delivery of a successful and ambitious summit taking place in Glasgow in November.

The businesses are playing a vital role in climate change action, effectively incorporating science-based targets to reduce the carbon footprint across the globe in their respective capacities. With all the partnerships, the COP26 Presidency has exhibited a clear commitment to working with the enterprises who have taken considerable measures towards the ultimate objective of reaching net zero emissions.

Microsoft has been channelising the progress for the purposeful target of net zero by accelerating towards a more sustainable future. Over the course of years, Microsoft has successfully managed to alleviate the carbon footprint by providing sustainable solutions to its customers, advocating the policies that are highly likely to benefit the environment and advancing the research and development tasks.

Last year itself, Microsoft had announced a progressive and detailed plan to turn carbon negative by 2030. Furthermore, the multinational software organisation has committed to remove an equivalent proportion of the carbon that was generated since its incorporation by 2050. By the year 2030, Microsoft has said to be water positive and zero waste in order to contribute to protect ecosystems by developing a Planetary Computer.

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All the Principal Partners for COP26 reflect the top tier of sponsorship for the Glasgow Summit. Other than the Principal Partners, all the sponsors have committed to the science-based targets for the noble initiative to bring down the net emissions through the operations, be it manufacturing, logistics, services, and other digital offerings.

Under the commitment to COP26, all the sponsors are required to provide ambitious targets that can detail their respective plan of actions for reducing the carbon emissions. The measures that are being taken and that will be orchestrated in the upcoming years should remain in line with the latest climate science according to the goals of the Paris Agreement.


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