Why is SUKU token the Most Visited Crypto today?

SUKU is one of the most recently added crypto on Coinbase. It is an Ethereum token that powers the SUKU platform. The whitepaper of SUKU clearly states its purpose, which is giving power to consumers. Though the price of SUKU has fallen this week, it seems to be on investors radar.

As per Coinbase, the price of SUKU has fallen by 7.08% in the past 7 days. The price increased by 14.07% in the last 24 hours. The current price is US$0.871 per SUKU. SUKU is 44.87% below the all-time high of US$1.58.

What is SUKU Crypto?

SUKU is a blockchain-based ecosystem to make the supply chain more transparent. Now transparency and accountability are two factors that the crypto traders are looking at these days, and SUKU hits the right spot there. With solutions for the physical and digital world, SUKU is trying to hop on the tend to streamline the process for its users. The fast-moving consumer goods market is huge, and there lies a great untapped opportunity in it. Consumers are looking for responsible businesses with a focus on transparency, and SUKU offers transparency as well as the technology to elevate the customer experience.

Suku Omni uses GS1 standards and blockchain-based verifiable data and analytics to track products through its consumers' vast supply chain network.

Suku Defi aims to bring DeFi or Decentralised Finance through its product offerings. If you are a farmer, manufacturer, or a distributor, you can share information on the platform and get rewarded.

Suku Infinite is also bringing authenticity to the digital world as well as the physical world through NFTs. It aims to build an ecosystem for getting brands and artists into the metaverse.

Why is SUKU gaining attention?

The recent hype around metaverse is garnering all the attention, and investors are looking at ways to invest in the new buzz. SUKU is creating a sustainable ecosystem for getting brands and artists into the metaverse. The solutions by SUKU go from NFT marketplaces to engines to license, sell and track digital assets in the metaverse. Soon we could see brands like Nike looking for such solutions for their product launches on the Metaverse and this is going to be big. And with all the rewards that the network has for brands and users who list, it might gain more attention in the future.

With so much uncertainty and scams surrounding the crypto verse, tokens like SUKU, which vouch for authenticity and transparency, might garner all the attention in the future.

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