What is Samsung’s metaverse store all about?

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What is Samsung’s metaverse store all about?

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  • Samsung is actively exploring the domain of the metaverse and has announced the opening of its virtual store in Decentraland.
  • Its fans would be enthralled by the digital adventure and can complete multiple quests 837X NFT badges.
  • The virtual store is based on the Company’s iconic store based in NY city.

In a recent development, Samsung, the South Korean tech giant, is the latest company to jump on the bandwagon of the metaverse. It has officially launched its metaventure project on the Decentraland metaverse.

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Know the Samsung virtual store

The electronics giant has opened its Samsung 837X store and has chosen Decentraland for its metaverse project, which is a popular virtual reality platform created on the Ethereum blockchain.

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The Samsung virtual store is an imitation of its chief physical store located in New York.

The virtual store has been opened to enhance customer interaction during times when the pandemic is keeping customers at bay from visiting its physical stores.

The store will be accessible for a limited time for Decentraland visitors.

Fantasy meets reality in Samsung’s new metaverse project

Samsung’s new metaverse experience offers an experiential platform to people to uncover a whole new virtual experience where technology meets culture.

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In order to access the store, the customers would need to enter Decentraland through a web browser.

Thereafter, their avatar would be sent outside the tech giant’s metaverse structure, wherein a virtual guide would assist the avatar to experience the Connectivity Theater, the Sustainability Forest, and the Customization Stage.

Samsung’s metaverse store is here!

It is pointed out that in the theatre and forest stage, people can complete quests along the way for unique digital 837X NFT badges.

Moreover, its theatre will display Samsung news, enabling users to know about Samsung’s growing tech.

The sustainability forest will let the guests experience a mythic encounter and the stage will promote a metaverse-based reality live dance party, which would be hosted by DJ Gamma Vibes.

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Bottom Line

Samsung brings the next-level experience for its fans, who can embark and enjoy a journey where technology meets art, music, fashion, and sustainability.


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