The Crypto Heist: Who is the Professor in the Crypto World?


  • Story behind Cryptocurrency occurrence and its status today
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The Money Heist – a Spanish television drama on the biggest heist proved to be a jewel in Netflix’s crown. The story line revolves around the ‘Professor’ – a criminal mastermind who plans to print billions of euros in the Royal Mint of Spain along with a group of thieves. But why are we discussing it here? The Money Heist’s iconic Dali Mask did leave an impression on our minds. The mask was a tribute to Salvador Dali – a well-known Surrealist painter. The recent drama around the crypto world does make me believe that there is a mastermind just like the professor in real life in the world of cryptocurrencies. No, I am not talking about or hinting at crypto scams or thefts here. The whole plot and the way the professor plan the theft with his mastermind somehow makes me think that there is a professor directing the plot of the crypto world.

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Who is the Professor of the Crypto world?

If we look at the history of cryptocurrencies, the first time it came into existence was in 1983 and 1998 with electronic money called ecash and BitGold by Wei Dai. But it was Satoshi Nakamoto who first decentralized Bitcoin – known to be the first cryptocurrency – in 2009. It was a year later that is in 2010 that the Bitcoin was valued for the first time. Someone thought of selling their Bitcoin to buy pizzas – some 10,000 were swapped for two pizzas. And the journey of the crypto began.

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Now we have around 6500 cryptocurrencies in existence. The world of crypto has now taken over and there is a crazy mad rush. There are doubts, debate but still a never dying spirit to make money amongst the enthusiasts.

The Crypto Heist: Who is the Professor in the Crypto World?


Just like the Money Heist’s professor – who did not have an identity and hence went ahead with his mastermind plan without any fear with the help of other thieves – the world of crypto seems to have one professor too. The world of cryptocurrency works on its own formulas, language, and symbols. There is no central bank, no transaction fees and it is beyond the reach of any government. If you look up for the meaning of the world cryptocurrency or try and understand how to make money in it – zillions of definitions, explainer videos and latest news will pop up.

The Crypto cult has a varied school of thought but the way it is shaping up – all of it seems to me as a mystery. It has unexpectedly become mainstream now with many convinced with the idea of it being a digital currency of the future. El Salvador has even adopted it as its official currency and there are others in line with the thought. But when I sit and ponder on the idea of meeting the creator of some of the most famous crypto – I am left in doubt just like the police was in case of the professor in Money Heist. Though the identities of other thieves were revealed and gradually the crime got it faces one by one, the crypto heist too has a few faces but not the mastermind.

Bottom Line

There is so much revolving around the Crypto World that it is drawing everyone near it – even the critiques. The latest update from China calling crypto illegal to biggies like Elon Musk backing the currency, the crypto phenomenon is getting more mysterious. And for me, the question remains, who is the professor here?

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