Here’s why Beeple’s art is the most expensive on the NFT marketplace


  • NFTs have revolutionised art and at the top of this revolution has been Beeple’s artwork “Everydays-The First 500 Days”.
  • The artist became the third-most expensive living artist after his priciest work was sold off for US$69 million.
  • Beeple takes ongoing socio-political issue into consideration and makes dystopian artworks based on them.

Those familiar with NFTs would know that one of the highest grossing NFTs have been digitally created by Beeple. Sold for US$69 million, Beeple artwork “Everydays-The First 5000 Days” is one of the many million-dollar creations of the artist. The success of Beeple’s artwork in the NFT arena has left many by surprise, including the artist himself.

However, Mike Winkelmann, aka Beeple, is no stranger to the world of digital art. He has been posting his work online since May 2007, with each new piece going online every day. It is the culmination of these individual artworks that have now formed Beeple’s highest grossing digital art, Everydays. The 5000 days represent the number of days in 13 and a half years wherein the artist posted his work each day. But it was only in October 2020 that the artist decided to delve into the NFT arena.

For Winkelmann, releasing his first NFT piece was just the beginning, and the creator has continued to auction off his work at Christie’s. Perhaps it is the political and satirical nature of his work that often attracts artwork enthusiasts. Let us take a closer look at his style and why it has become the latest trend.

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Art with a deeper meaning

 Beeple dubbed his most expensive artwork Everydays as a “diary of technology, his life, and the world over 13 years”. This gives an insight into the artist’s motivation behind his pieces and how he uses creativity to express more than just what can be seen on the surface.

Such impactful was the artist’s work, that auction house Christie’s started accepting Ethereum and even sold its first digital art in the 225 years of its history. However, even as Beeple makes a solid impression in the field of digital art, many are still critical of how valuable such digital art really is.

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Most of the artwork represents technological utopias or dystopias with an underlying satirical touch. Thus, the artist usually takes up trending socio-political topics to work on. For instance, some of his other creations include “Crossroads”, which is based on the presidential election of 2020 and was sold for US$6.6 million as well as “Ocean Front”, which is the artist’s take on the growing climate change crisis and was sold for US$6 million. 

Thus, NFT has greatly changes not only how individuals hold assets but also how people perceive art. Thus, it would be interesting to see which new innovation takes shape as newer digital assets enter into the playfield.

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