Crypto ETFs Coming Soon, Altcoin Merit Circle listed on Binance


  • Australians will soon be able to invest in crypto ETFs for the very first time.
  • Some believe the jury in the Wright vs Kleiman trial may end up deadlocked
  • Altcoin Merit Circle, which invests in metaverse games and lends out NFTs, listed on the Binance Exchange on Thursday

Crypto ETF Coming Soon

Australians will soon be able to invest in crypto ETFs for the very first time.

The Exchange Traded Funds will offer an opportunity for Australian investors who will be able to invest in Bitcoin and Ethereum without purchasing them on a crypto exchange.

The two funds, which will be hosted on Australia’s second biggest market Chi-X, will be called ETFS 21Share Bitcoin ETF and ETFS 21Shares Ethereum ETF.

The launch of the crypto ETFs has been facilitated by provider ETF Securities in conjunction with European cryptocurrency manager, 21Shares.

Crypto ETFs in Australia | Satoshi's Trial Deadlocked? | Altcoin Merit Circle Binance Listing


Investors who invest in crypto through crypto exchanges expose themselves to considerable risk due to the unregulated nature of the crypto market.

The launch of Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs means investors will be able to trade on highly regulated exchanges.

The two ETFs are coming soon, however, an exact launch date has not yet been set.

Satoshi Trial

Moving on to the Kleiman v. Wright trial, which is aiming to perhaps determine the identity of the creator of Bitcoin.

Some believe the jury may end up deadlocked as jurors from the case have been deliberating on their decision for quite some time now.

If the jury does indeed end up deadlocked, it would lead to a mistrial, which would lead to a new trial with a new set of jurors.

The civil case involves defendant Craig Wright, who claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto - the pseudonym used by the creator of Bitcoin.

Wright is being sued by Wright’s former business partner, Ira Kleiman’s brother, Dave Kleiman, who claims his brother helped create the Bitcoin blockchain.

However, Wright insists the now-deceased Dave Kleiman did not help with the creation of Bitcoin.

If the jury rules in favour of the plaintiffs, they could be entitled to amount between US$70 billion to close to a trillion-dollar judgment.

Altcoin News

An altcoin focused on developing the play-to-earn gaming economy has experienced a volatile series of rises and falls after being listed on leading crypto exchange, Binance.

Merit Circle, which invests in metaverse games and lends out non-fungible tokens (NFTs), was listed on the Binance Exchange on Thursday.

Following its launch on Binance, the MC token saw its price shoot up 17 percent from a 24-hour low of US$10.03 to a new all-time high of US$11.70 in under two hours.

However, since then, it has dropped down to US$9.62 where it sits currently.

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