The ultimate beginner’s guide to spirituality

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The ultimate beginner’s guide to spirituality

 The ultimate beginner’s guide to spirituality
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  • Spirituality can be defined as a connection of being with the universe.
  • There are empirically proven benefits of spirituality like higher overall wellbeing, life satisfaction and stress reduction.
  • Spirituality is about starting small and consistent practice.

To attain optimum peace and well-being people follow yoga and meditation. But how one understands “the state of being” is the matter of question. Its answer lies in achieving spirituality.

What is spirituality?

First things first, being spiritual and being religious are different. You can be religious and spiritual at the same time, but spirituality is a completely different subject.

Spirituality is mostly subjective. It can be defined as a connection of being with the universe. It makes people transcend all physical circumstances and help them find their true self. Questions like, “why am I here,” “who am I,” can be understood by the self through spirituality.

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There are no hard and fast rules, there is no proven science behind spirituality. It’s just an emotional and intellectual experience that one goes through. However, there are various empirically proven benefits of spirituality like higher overall wellbeing, life satisfaction, stress reduction, etc.

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A beginner’s guide to spirituality

  1. Baby steps are significant - Spirituality is about starting small. You cannot become spiritual overnight; it takes years of patience and perseverance. Taking baby steps like sitting for 5-10 mins silent and focussing on the breath can be a great head start.


  1. Practice Amor Fati - The latin phrase means “love of fate”. It means you acknowledge all life experiences to be good or at least necessary. You’ll see the good in the world only if you can see the good within yourself. So, the very first thing is to be grateful for every little thing.


  1. Self-indulgence - Self-indulgence is the key to spirituality. Spirituality is something that no one else can teach you. The answers you are looking for, only you’ll be able to seek. So, look for answers within yourself and see where the path leads you.


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  1. Practice and concentrate on practice - You do not become spiritual overnight! You have to practice gratitude, self-indulgence, and meditation every single day so that each day you move a little ahead in your journey towards ultimate peace.


  1. Do not crave for results - Spirituality is selfless. Even if you are doing it for yourself, it should still be selfless. You should not be thinking about the end result, rather enjoy the journey. You might not have all the answers as you move ahead, but you will definitely have a better feeling for living.


Well, spirituality is a vast subject and the only way to understand it is to practice it regularly. But by understanding the world of spirituality- one that can connect better with themselves and the universe. The selfless approach is a crucial parameter for overall wellness.


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