What is liquid diet? Is it completely safe?

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What is liquid diet? Is it completely safe?

Fruit and vegetable juice, an essential part of liquid diet
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  • Liquid diet is generally limited to fruits and vegetable juices.
  • Thick opaque fluids are allowed in a full liquid diet, unlike a clear liquid diet that leaves no residue.
  • According to media reports, late cricketer Shane Warne was on an extreme liquid diet for 14 days which could also be the reason behind his death.

A liquid diet involves relying on fluids for your dietary requirement. Generally, this diet is limited to fruits and vegetable juices and shakes. A liquid diet helps you lose weight by cutting down on calories. Liquid diets are usually prescribed for durations ranging from a few days to rarely more than two weeks.

When do doctors prescribe liquid diet?

A doctor may recommend a liquid diet if a person has digestive problems or is preparing for any surgery. You may also need a liquid diet if you are at risk of choking or inhaling food particles into your airways when you:

  • Have missing teeth
  • Have open wound or stitches in mouth
  • Have a dental procedure or jaw injury
  • Have illness, disease or surgery in the digestive system
  • Want to have a test or imaging in your stomach or intestines

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Side effects

  • You might face constipation due to the lack of fibre
  • Sudden or significant weight loss
  • Feeling of fatigue due to fewer calories

Generally, there are two types of liquid diets, clear liquid diet and complete liquid diet. Let’s learn more about these.

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Clear liquid diet

A clear liquid diet consists of clear liquids that leave no residue in your digestive tract. Thick, opaque foods are not included in this diet. Since a clear liquid diet cannot provide adequate calories, so it shouldn’t be taken for more days. It is often used before tests or surgeries that require no food in your intestine.

A clear liquid diet keeps you hydrated and gives you energy when a complete diet isn’t possible.

Complete liquid diet

A full liquid diet allows you to have clear as well as thicker opaque fluids. A full liquid diet offers a lot of choices. However, solid and dense foods such as tofu, nuts, raw fruits and vegetables, cheese, bread are not allowed in a liquid diet.

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Is liquid diet the reason behind Shane Warne’s death?

According to media reports, the passing of famous Australian cricketer Shane Warne is linked to the liquid diet he followed. Shane died at the age of 52, on 4 March, supposedly due to a heart attack.

Shane Warne, an Australian cricketer who demised on 4 March 2022

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Media reports suggest that he was on an extreme liquid diet for 14 days, which could explain his untimely demise. Though there is no evidence to prove that Warne’s diet was the reason behind his death, health experts have stated the risks of such extreme diets.

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Bottom line

Exposing your body to extreme diets may not be a sustainable solution and may pose negative side effects. One should also go for a mixed diet that includes raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans, proteins, and dairy. Checking with a doctor or dietician is always a good practice before starting a diet.


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