Quit these habits for healthy living in 2022!

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Quit these habits for healthy living in 2022!

Healthy living in 2022
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  • Before trying to develop new habits, it’s important to get rid of old bad habits.
  • 2022 is the year to transform ourselves into better human beings by ripping off bad habits that we may knowingly or unknowingly have.
  • There are basic activities in our daily schedule that need attention and effort to make us healthy and happy.

A fresh year calls for new beginnings. Why do we say “Happy New Year”? - Because we believe that a new year brings a new aura and a new motivation to progress. Every year we make resolutions but hardly work upon them. But before trying to develop new habits, it’s important to get rid of the old bad habits.

One might wonder, what bad habits they have! Bad habits are not restricted to smoking or actively hurting your health and routine, there are many things that harm us passively. Thus, 2022 is the year to transform ourselves into better human beings by ripping off those bad habits.

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Let’s take a look into what these bad habits are in general and quit them for a better and healthier future.

  • Do not tap your screen first thing in the morning: This is something that each one of us does. Checking messages, notifications, mails, feed updates and what not! But, think for a moment, would anything change if you do not check these the first thing in the morning? Looking at any screen right after waking up affects one’s mental and emotional health. It can induce several complex and negative emotions. Thus, negate looking at screens before you do your morning chores.
  • Leave your desk and move a bit: One of the biggest disadvantages of work from home culture is that the daily movement has drastically reduced. Now, we don’t travel to work, we don't move around in the office. Thus, while work from home remains the reality, try moving here and there every couple of hours. Your body needs it!

Good habits for a new year

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  • Don’t ignore the signals your body is sending: Our bodies self-detect if something is not right. It sends signals to us but unfortunately, we ignore them. So, notice if you feel some body ache or some other problems, which you might ignore thinking it's normal. Follow your body signals and take care of your health.
  • One meal should be greens and lentils: The lifestyle in the present-contemporary world is dominated by the fast-changing-culture. Eating healthy has been off-chart for years now. However, green vegetables and lentils are needed for the body. Thus, for starters make sure to have at least one healthy meal in a day.
  • Don’t be a night owl, be a morning chicken: Because of the laid-back lifestyle, especially amid the COVID-19 pandemic; several people have started sleeping late. Binge watching at night or parting with friends. However, a goodnight sleep is essential for a healthy mind and body. Thus, sleep on time and wake up early in the morning for optimum Serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins.

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Bottom line

There are numerous basic things that we can evaluate in our daily schedule and make the effort to enhance our attitude towards them. You don’t realise how much these affect our health in longevity. Thus, follow the above habits and see what positive change they bring into your life.


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