Five guiding philosophies for a successful life


  • The path of success may differ for everyone, but the end goal is similar: to feel contentment.
  • There are five guiding philosophies that people can follow to get on the path of success. 
  • A contented life is not easy to achieve but the journey towards it is easy to adapt to.

There are more than seven billion people on this planet, and not everyone is successful in their lives. Although success is subjective, but there are also various objective criteria to success like healthy relationships, good livelihood conditions and being well educated, etc. 

The path of success may differ for everyone, but the end goal is similar: to feel contentment at the end of the day. Oftentimes people confuse success with material wealth, however a successful life is much bigger than that. 

Everyone wants success but there are very few who achieve it. But why doesn't everyone become successful? - Sometimes it's about external circumstances that humans can’t change, and other times there are internal factors that humans can change. 

The internal factors are basically the principles and philosophies that a person follows in their life. It’s the matter of thinking - what you want from life and how do you want to move ahead to achieve it. 

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There are five guiding philosophies that people can follow to get on the path of success. These philosophies can be internalised and implemented in an individualistic manner, but the motif should remain the same. 

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The following are the five guiding philosophies for a successful life.

  1. Eradicate the fear of failure: There’s a very famous quote for a successful business: “profit is the reward of risk.” That applies to almost all aspects of life. People fear taking risks and subsequently suffer in a shell full of stagnancy and boredom. Once a person stop being fearful of failures, they start learning and growing. And, even if they fail - never forget that failure teaches the most significant lessons. 
  1. The law of attraction - The law of attraction says what one gives into the universe is what one gets. It is about how one perceives and reacts to differential circumstances. For instance, if a person is always pessimistic towards life, they’ll always see the negatives more than the positives. Thus, having a positive outlook and maintaining a positive aura is crucial for a successful life. 
  2. Challenge your capabilities: Human capabilities are unlimited. But the ones who become complacent in life never achieve the maximum they could have. And people who believe in higher endeavours always stretch their capabilities and achieve new milestones every single day. Thus, one should never box themselves, and should always thrive for more in life. 

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  1. Go with the flow: At times we worry too much, our mind is like a machine working non-stop. Thus, it is essential to go with the flow and not overthink upon every situation. Although planning is a must in life, but, sometimes impromptu plans are also crucial. Thus, people should have faith in the universe and go with the flow and see where life takes them. 
  2. Never forget ethics and morals: In this ever-changing contemporary world, everything might seem temporary. But, one thing that should always be permanent is your ethics. No matter in what situation a person is stuck, they should never prioritise their benefit over their morals. Never think about short-term benefits, and always picture longevity. 

Bottom Line 

A contentment filled life is not easy to achieve. However, the journey towards it is easy to adapt to. Some people might find themselves stuck in challenging circumstances, but the clue to overcome such situations is through following wise philosophies in life.