AMA Group Ltd

Dec 12, 2019

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AMA Group Ltd is a market leader in aftercare vehicles and accessories. Their custom aftercare and accessory automotive companies are dedicated to customer service excellence, cost-effective operations and provide industry-leading brands.

AMA Group focuses on the aftercare and accessories market for wholesale vehicles, including vehicle safety services & accessories, multiple vehicle panel repair shops, automotive electrical & cable accessories and automotive remanufacturing parts. The Company is a leader in this field, running specialized Automotive Aftercare and Accessory Companies providing automotive solutions in a smooth and hasslefree manner.

The categories of the organization are Vehicle Panel Maintenance, Vehicle Security Services, Automotive Electrical & Cable, and Remanufacturing of Automotive Parts. The section Vehicle Panel Repair is interested in panel repairs for the motor vehicle.

The division of Vehicle Safety Products is involved in the production and distribution of protective bars for motor vehicles. The division of Automotive Electrical & Cable is engaged in the sale of electrical and cable components for motor vehicles. The division of Automotive Component Remanufacturing is involved in the reconstruction and repair of the motor vehicle component.

Group Leadership

The group CEO and executive director is Mr. Andrew Hopkins. The foundation for this group was laid In 2009 when Andrew formed the Gemini Group in Perth. With over 35 years of financial, investment, policy, and insurance relationship building experience, Andrew's has constantly striven and worked to expand AMA's strategic partnerships with insurance companies both domestically and internationally.

Business Verticals

AMA Group is a market leader in aftercare vehicles and accessories. Each of their specialist aftercare and accessory automotive companies are dedicated to customer service excellence, cost-effective operations, and industry-leading brands.

Automotive Component Remanufacturing

Under the automotive component remanufacturing, there are two brands:


Founded over 50 years ago, FluidDrive is well-known and respected as an automotive industry specialist. It is known for building remanufactured transmissions which are often seen as better than new. FluidDrive supports a number of OEM companies in Australia, New Zealand and Asia in providing their dealerships with the latest model transmissions, as well as models for vehicles from the 1990s.


In April 2017, ASNU Transmission Products joined the FluidDrive business. This aided int the market's capacity and their holistic product offering. ASNU is now established as the largest and most experienced remanufacturer.

The partnership with the biggest OEM remanufacturer of Automatic Transmissions, FluidDrive the brand is getting strong. ASNU has its factories in Brisbane, Sydney and FluidDrive is present in Melbourne. These factories are the best equipped in Australia and boast their precise and high-end equipment which is managed by highly skilled technicians and has the largest number of torque converter parts on hand anywhere in Australia.

Automotive Electrical and 4WD Accessories (Distribution)

KT Cables

KT Cable Accessories is a leading automotive, electrical and industrial wire accessories manufacturer, importer and wholesale distributor. KT Cables is proud of' Value, Service & Technology' and has become a reliable supplier to thousands of Australian and international customers. With the launch of innovative products for existing and new clients, the company continues to expand.


Founded in 1987, Alanco has expanded and grown to now being considered as the leading Auto Electrical Parts supplier. They have worked making auto electrics smooth and convenient by striving to providing a superior range of services with are high end. Their processes are easy to order and they believe in keeping their commitment to build trust. In services it makes available parts for automotive repair trade. It also provides solutions for industries like mining, industrial, transport and marine industries.


In the early 1980s, Dolium was established and joined the automotive equipment industry in 1985.  Under Australian management, the company continues today. Working with suppliers in Australia and abroad, Dolium is continuously creating new products. Today they serve some of the world's leading 4WD and associated equipment specialist brands.


After extensive experience across the automotive and industrial markets, the Qest@ brand has been created. The range was developed to provide lighting solutions for the automotive factory, manufacturing, marine, electrical and DIY markets and is designed to provide low heat and energy-saving LED lights that can be recharged via outlets of 12V or 240V.

KT Solar

KT's new and innovative Solar Panels & Solar Accessories array, provide solutions for everyday people and applications. Designed for boating, caravaning, trucking, golfing, fishing, four wheel drive and service vehicles, the KT Solar brand strives to provide innovative solutions.

Automotive Workshops and Performance Products

Roo Systems

The Roo System is the brand and trusted name that comes from 4WD Diesel Quality for all things they do. In Australia, Roo Systems has been developing diesel quality chips and improvements to exhaust. The team is focused on improving ECU Remapping with an ambition to lead the industry and push new and developing technologies.

Vehicle Protection Products and Ute/Commercial Accessories (Manufacturing)


East Coast Bullbars is the market leader in 4WD, Jeep, Passenger and Light Commercial alloy frontal safety gear. Owning "The World's Best Alloy Bullbars" enviable market position, goods are distributed across all private, state, fleet, transportation and emergency services segments. Such imported Australian products are also exported to many countries worldwide.

Csm Service Bodies

CSM Service Bodies, specializing in the Fleet, Government & Export Vehicle Industry, is the market leader in Transport Service Bodies. We have collaborated with many large corporate Fleets, Councils & Trade customers as a specialist service body supplier to produce and distribute Professional Service Body Solutions to meet their needs.

Alloy Motor Accessories

The experience of Alloy Motor Accessories spans 38 years in a technology and performance-focused industry. AMA's of-house production of superior quality, heavy duty and revolutionary accessories has mirrored the advancement in vehicle design, safety and function.

It has other brands also like:

  • Alloy motor Accessories
  • Custom Alloy
  • Barden Fabrications
  • Uneek 4*4

Vehicle Panel Repair

The brands for Vehicle Panel Repair are Gemini, RPM, GoRapid, Repair Management, Mr. Gloss, Shipstone and BMB.

Today the group has established itself as a one stop solution for vehicle aftercare services as well as ancillary accessories. Their commitment and tailor made high end customer service has made it a trusted brand over the years.