Making deeper inroads into US market: Rritual Superfoods’ CVS rollout set to begin


  • Rritual Superfoods’ products will be available in CVS stores across the US over the coming weeks.
  • The rollout of Rritual’s premium brand of functional superfoods on CVS HealthHUB stores will help in further boosting RSF’s brand reach.
  • The rollout provides a wonderful opportunity for Rritual and CVS to operate closely for developing an in-store education program.

Rritual Superfoods Inc (RSF:CSE) has been quite active in the recent past to expand its product reach. In what is the latest move in its series of brand-boosting developments, the Company is set to launch its premium brand of functional superfoods in CVS stores across the US over the coming weeks.

The rollout will begin with major markets, including Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Cincinnati, Dallas, Houston, Miami, New York, Providence, San Diego, and Tampa.

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The new HealthHUB concept of CVS intends to transform the health experience of consumers with education and personalised service from the skilled professionals of CVS.

The placement of Rritual's products on HealthHUB offers an exciting opportunity for Rritual and CVS to work closely for developing an in-store education system for the trained professionals of CVS to provide best services to their consumers.

Rritual’s caffeine-free and USDA-certified organic products can be served by themselves or in combination with other beverages.

CVS HealthHUB will offer Rritual’s three products: Chaga IMMUNE, Lion's Mane FOCUS and Reishi RELAX. 

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Milestone on the cards for Rritual Superfoods (RSF:CSE) as it readies to go live on Amazon in US

CVS and HealthHUB in a nutshell

Healthcare innovation company CVS is committed to helping people to pursue better health. The US-based drugstore chain aims to become the most consumer-centric health player and continues to make progress based upon the changing needs of consumers. In 2020, CVS started 650 HealthHUB locations and has plans to open 1.5K new locations by 2021 end.

  • HealthHUB locations present a comprehensive range of digital and on-demand health tools, trusted advice, new product groups, health care services as well as personalised care.
  • With the new format, over 20% of the HealthHUB store is committed to providing health services.
  • The teams at HealthHUB are improving care for patients managing chronic indications, with a focus on informing the next best clinical practices as well as driving medical costs savings.
  • The store format of HealthHUB also incorporates various paths to nutritional health provided by an in-store dietitian, including access to weight loss programs.

All in all, as a fast-growing provider of natural functional superfoods, Rritual is well-placed to lead the superfood division, which is set to witness exponential growth. Pertinently, the launch of its product line in the major US markets via CVS adds more lustre to the Rritual brand growth.

On 30 July 2021, RSF shares closed the trading session at CA$0.62, up by 3.33%.

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