TSX index moves lower by 0.76% as tech sector falls, loonie down

The TSX benchmark moved lower, mainly led by the healthcare, technology and base metals stocks

TSX recovers as energy sector jumps, loonie falls

The TSX benchmark index rose on Thursday, August 18, as oil and mining stocks rallied. Let us have a quick look at market activity on August 18.

TSX closes in red as tech sector declines by 2.6%, loonie down

Tech and materials stocks led the TSX benchmark index to close in the red territory on Wednesday, August 17

TSX climbs 3.53% as inflation slowed down in July, loonie up

The TSX benchmark index spiked by 3.53 per cent to close at 20,269.97 on Tuesday, August 16 in the wake of slowed CPI growth of 7.6 per cent in July.

TSX spikes despite fall in energy sector, loonie down by 1%

The TSX rose ahead of July CPI data. Let us get to know in brief about the current Canadian market environment

TSX rises as energy soars after IEA lifts growth outlook, loonie up

Canada’s main stock index surged by 105.94 points (or 0.53 per cent) to end the session at 19,991.88 on Thursday, August 11. This triple-digit increase, which occurred for the second day in a row, primarily came as the oil and gas stocks moved higher in t...

TSX clocks triple-digit gains as healthcare sector soars, loonie up 0.88%

TSX index surged by triple-digit on Wednesday, August 10, as US inflation data seems to ease market sentiments.

TSX ends session in red as IT sector dips, loonie down

Canada main equity index in red, dragged down by healthcare and IT sector

TSX in green as mining and healthcare gains, loonie up

Canada's main equity index gained on August 8, largely helped by healthcare and mining stocks

TSX climbs as base metals and energy gains, loonie slumps

The TSX benchmark index increased by 0.22 per cent on Friday, August 5, supported by the base metals and energy sectors