What is Lossless crypto. Is LSS token a good buy?

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What is Lossless crypto. Is LSS token a good buy?

After ending 2021 on a positive note with huge yearly gains, significant cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ether are losing value in 2022. *Lossless is a DeFi protocol, but it also aims to provide users with an added advantage of fraud mitigation. *Lossless DeFi uses LSS tokens to allow staking, payment of fees, and participation in voting. LSS crypto serves as a reward for users that detect the fraud, as well as acting as the governance token of the protocol. *On October 20, 2021, it peaked at US$2.4 before entering a rough phase. It was priced at almost US$0.93 on January 1, but within three days, the price reached US$1. 


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