What are the top DeFi cryptocurrencies by market cap

DeFi has potential to weed out intermediaries and relies on open-network and smart contracts to cut costs and add speed.

*DeFi cryptos command a market cap of over US$130 billion. With that said, check out the top DeFi tokens by market cap. Before we count them down though, please give our channel a sub and hit the bell icon to stay ahead of the game.

*Uniswap is one of the most popular platforms providing DeFi services. It can be used to trade other DeFi tokens.

*Chainlink is a blockchain-based network launched in 2017. It focuses on decentralizing the participation of various stakeholders.

*Avalanche is a relatively newer entrant in DeFi. It is said to be the fastest blockchain-powered smart contract service provider.

*DeFi comes with the promise of making the financial landscape faster and cheaper for end users. By ending the role of intermediaries, DeFi puts more power in the hands of users of the network.





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