Introducing Innovative Eyewear, Inc

Innovative Eyewear, Inc. is a company established to upgrade the world’s glasses. It is on a mission to make a new generation of Bluetooth glasses, that are indistinguishable from high fashion eyewear in looks and price.

The team of Innovative Eyewear entered the smart eyewear industry in 2017 when they founded Lucyd Ltd. Since then they have never looked back, assiduously working and developing a new range of innovative products.

Their Lucyd e-glasses are ergonomically devised, have designer frames with touch control. They are equipped with flush hi-fi speakers, useful touch control, 5 hours battery capacity and many more features. The e-glasses of Innovative Eyewear, Inc. are a unique combination of prescription, wearable utility, safer mobile computing, fashion and affordability.

Innovative Eyewearhas made an important addition to the product, its soon to be launched proprietary voice-controlled app Vyrb™ which allows the wearer to listen and post on social media platforms just by the voice command, without looking at the screen, thereby improving the safety and convenience of accessing digital information and apps.

To-date the company has sold over a thousandpairs of Bluetooth eyewear and in the process has received valuable feedback from customers which has resulted in their new Lyte product line which is scheduled for launch in October 2020.

The company is on its way being a pioneer in the tech eyewear industry. It is on a mission to develop a complete line of Bluetooth eyewear for every size and style preference, making the smart eyewear accessible to the mass market. Backed by a team of experts across the eyewear, tech, and online spaces, the company is well-positioned to develop the first mainstream smartglasses.

Innovative Eyewear, Inc. has launched equity crowdfunding on the StartEngine platform, giving an opportunity to the customers and investors to be a part of their success journey and help them build their innovations.





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