How is virtual reality transforming the healthcare sector ?

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How is virtual reality transforming the healthcare sector ?

Virtual reality or VR is a technology that lets a user imitate a situation by using a VR headset within an interactive, computer-generated environment. The simulation is immersive and may require the use of special goggles (3D) with a screen that offers sensory feedback, to help the user learn from their experiences in this virtual universe.

There have been several talks around virtual reality in the healthcare space, with many VR applications already being implemented in the industry. Applications like robotic surgery, healthcare devices, and others are gradually gaining popularity and are now more likely to be adopted by healthcare companies worldwide.

VR simulation technologies are being employed in medical education and for training purpose for a long time now. The technology allows medical students to practice complicated, life-saving procedures in a risk-free environment and improve their skills.

VR in surgery has gained enormous popularity. Through VR, the surgery is operated by a robotic device which is controlled by a human surgeon. Using this method can reduce the time and risk associated with complicated surgeries.


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