Diving deeper into cyber security! | Expert talks with Noel Allnutt

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Diving deeper into cyber security! | Expert talks with Noel Allnutt

With the increasing use of technology, cybersecurity has become necessary than ever. As this space evolves, revolutions are bound to run parallel. With innovation comes new techniques and designs. To help us understand the subject better, we have a special guest on our show today.  Noel Allnutt: Noel is a driven and award-winning IT leader. He specialises in building teams that enable companies to create a secure and sustainable competitive advantage in the digital economy. Noel also hosts the ‘Building Resilience Podcast,’ which explores the world of sport and deconstructs the tools and ethos of world-class athletes that can help create growth and optimise business and life. Sekuro: Sekuro is a leading cyber security and digital resiliency partner. Their focus is on building business resilience and enabling fearless innovation. Sekuro’s mission is to be its clients’ most trusted security partner. Trusted by leading organisations across the globe, Sekuro provides advice with accountability, assurance & compliance with credibility, digital transformation with one of the world’s best technology vendors, and managed services with insight and flexibility. 


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