SUDA Reports Significant Preliminary Results from Anagrelide Pharmacokinetic Study

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SUDA Reports Significant Preliminary Results from Anagrelide Pharmacokinetic Study

 SUDA Reports Significant Preliminary Results from Anagrelide Pharmacokinetic Study


  • SUDA made further progress towards Anagrelide program, attaining significant preliminary results from a pharmacokinetic study.
  • Results support SUDA’s hypothesis that Anagrelide’s mouth spray formulation can lessen the risk of cardiovascular side effects.
  • Recent approval for Anagrelide cancer patent from Japanese Patent Office strengthens SUDA’s ability to tap maximum value from Anagrelide program.

After attaining an approval for Anagrelide cancer patent from Japanese Patent Office last week, SUDA Pharmaceuticals Limited (ASX:SUD) has marked another step forward towards the significant Anagrelide program. SUDA has announced significant preliminary outcomes from a pharmacokinetic study that assessed unique oral spray formulations of Anagrelide drug.

Oro-mucosal drug delivery player, SUDA is developing a mouth spray formulation of Anagrelide which can be used for the treatment of rare blood disorder where a patient’s platelet count is too high. Recent research demonstrates that cancer patients with high platelet counts have a poor prognosis and lowering the platelet count could play an important role in cancer treatment.

The researchers at SUDA are reviewing the role of platelets in cancer and the prospective use of Anagrelide medication as a therapy targeting platelets. SUDA also possesses intellectual property (IP) “Prevention and treatment of metastatic disease in thrombocytotic cancer patients” for Anagrelide.

SUDA expects Anagrelide’s mouth spray formulation to lessen the risk of cardiovascular side effects which are observed following dosing with the tablet form of the drug. The latest results from a pharmacokinetic study provides support for the same.

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Oral Spray Formulation of Anagrelide Can Minimise Cardiovascular Side-Effects

Leading contract research organisation based in England (Harrogate), Covance Inc., conducted the pharmacokinetic study for Anagrelide, that involved comparison of three distinct oral spray formulations against the existing commercial capsule in a canine model.

The preliminary results attained from the crossover trial utilising five animals indicated that one of the formulations could improve Anagrelide’s bioavailability while lowering risk to cardio stimulatory metabolite.

The results support SUDA’s hypothesis that oral spray formulation of Anagrelide could be more securely administered to patients suffering from cancer, possibly minimising cardiac adverse effects.

Japanese Patent Office to Grant Anagrelide Patent

SUDA has recently received approval from the Japanese Patent Office for Anagrelide cancer patent “Use of Anagrelide for Treating Cancer” which is valid until Dec 2035. In conjunction with SUDA’s granted European patent, the approval further strengthens the Company’s ability to tap maximum value from Anagrelide program.

It is worth mentioning that SUDA is the only company across the globe holding patents covering Anagrelide’s use in treating and impeding metastatic diseases in bone and lung.

SUDA is targeting the huge cancer market for solid tumours with its Anagrelide program, including cervical, melanoma, endometrial, renal cell, vulvar, mesothelioma, lung, pancreatic, glioblastoma, colorectal and ovarian cancer, where elevated platelet levels have been claimed to occur in a sizable percentage of the patient population.

Backed by highly experienced Project Director, Dr Richard Franklin, SUDA is making considerable progress towards the development of a pharmaceutical grade oral spray formulation for Anagrelide. Prior to completing further preclinical testing, SUDA will continue optimising Anagrelide formulation to meet pharma-grade oral spray product requirements.

SUDA last traded at $0.042 on 28 May 2020.


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