Elsight’s connectivity platform is bridging the digital divide


  • During COVID-19 pandemic, telehealth is proving instrumental for the healthcare ecosystem in combating the spread of the virus across urban as well as rural communities, cost-effectively.
  • Elsight’s breakthrough connectivity platform Halo is capitalising on the escalated need of telehealth in the rural or remote places plagued by marginal cellular services coverage as well as limited or no access to hospitals in their vicinity as compared to their urban counterparts.
  • Recently, Elsight achieved significant milestones with the receipt of an initial order for Halo worth US$1.6 million from Kinetx Prime, LLC and US$0.3 million from its strategic partner (since 2017), Alrena Technologies.

COVID-19 pandemic seems to be unstoppable owing to the resurgence and increasing number of cases globally. The healthcare ecosystem is tumbling with overcrowded hospitals and insufficient crucial medical gears. In the wake of the prevailing crisis, telehealth has emerged as a game-changer in combating the spread of the virus and flatten the curve in the healthcare community.

Telehealth is supporting the medical professionals in diagnosing, evaluating, and treating patients in urban as well as the rural and underserved locations. However, the rural communities are marked by marginal cellular services coverage as well as limited or no access to hospitals in their vicinity as compared to their urban counterparts. Therefore, the success of the telehealth services calls for advanced real-time connectivity across time and place.

Elsight Limited (ASX:ELS), one of the cutting-edge connectivity solutions provider reinventing real-time data connectivity, is capitalising on the burgeoning need of telehealth services with its flagship connectivity platform Halo.

Halo is furnished with secured data transmission and unique bonding technology empowering connectivity anytime, anywhere. Halo features the next-generation bonding technology in an ultralight multi-SIM form which can seamlessly be integrated into any product or platform without any complexity or operate as a stand-alone solution.

Moreover, features such as lightweight, fully encrypted security, low latency, high-bandwidth, and always-on connectivity, makes Halo ideal for numerous platforms, applications, and devices. Few areas of application include drones, robotics, rural connectivity, e-learning, healthcare, handheld device, tactical communication units, advanced OEMs, data bridge and many more.

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Halo Bridging a Gap in Rural Health

ELS, via Halo, is addressing the challenges of healthcare in the rural and underserved communities with its latest partnerships. Let us quickly skim through the partnerships the company signed recently.

Elsight and Kinetx Prime collaborated to deliver telehealth services across small rural communities in the US

On 30 July 2020, ELS announced that it had inked a partnership with Kinetx Prime, LLC with a receipt of an initial Halo order of US$1.6 million. The business deal opens a window of receiving similar sized material repeat orders over the next 36 months. The partnership is expected to deliver direct-to-consumer telehealth services and e-learning capability for remote communities in the US.

Notably, the two companies would work effortlessly and deliver telehealth solutions through the utilisation of next-generation bonding technology which would connect hospitals, medical professionals, patients, and ambulances in underserved and remote communities of America, enduring scarce cellular coverage.

Furthermore, Halo would be combined with Kinetx Prime’s apt ancillary gears and antennas to generate an effectual interactive video-based telehealth solution, equipping cellular services in these areas.

Kinetx Prime would also drive the growth of Halo across the US market through mass distribution to the B2C (business-to-consumer) market in Northern America.

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Receipt of First Halo Order of US$300 thousand from Alrena for Portable Telemedicine Technology

On 17 August 2020, Elsight announced the latest development in its ongoing strategic partnership with a France based Alrena Technologies that began in 2017. The release stated receipt of the first Halo order worth US$0.3 million from Alrena. Halo is noted to be integrated into a light and ultra-portable version of Alrena’s “Smartmedicase” which is branded as the “Smartmedibag”.

The Smartmedibag solution is projected to enable independent nurses of France to bestow lifesaving treatment through telemedicine in rural and remote areas. Furthermore, it would significantly reduce response time as well as the obligation of patients to travel to the hospitals and lives would be saved in real-time via telemedicine.

Apart from telehealth initiatives, Elsight is also progressing with multiple proof-of-concept (POC) trials in various industry sectors.

On 27 August 2020, ELS closed the day’s trade at AU$ 0.630, up 12.5% from the previous close. ELS’s market cap was noted at AU$59.93 million with 107.02 million outstanding shares.

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