Greenland Minerals: Kvanefjeld Project’s EIA Review Process Nears Completion, Informs EAMRA


  • Greenland’s EAMRA has provided an update on the ongoing review process of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the Kvanefjeld rare earth project.
  • There will be minor delay to the scheduled completion date of 26 August 2020, though there are no unexpected issues with the EIA.
  • Undertaken by EAMRA’s main advisors, the Danish Centre for Environment (DCE), the review revision process is expected to be concluded in mid-September 2020.
  • Kvanefjeld rare earth project is 100% owned by Greenland Minerals, and is one of the most significant and advanced emerging rare earth projects globally.

Greenland Minerals Limited (ASX:GGG) has been progressing well on the development of the Kvanefjeld rare earth project. Greenland’s EAMRA (Environmental Agency for Mineral Resources Activities) has provided an update on the ongoing review process of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the Kvanefjeld rare earth project.

The Company finalised additional EIA technical studies and the main EIA report in early Q220. After which, it was upfront in lodging all materials with EAMRA for a review process, which is now nearing completion.

Kvanefjeld EIA Review Nears Completion

EAMRA had initially advised that the review process was scheduled to be completed by 26 August 2020. In its latest update to the Company, the Agency has intimated about a minor delay to the initially scheduled completion date. Now, the review revision process is expected to be concluded in mid-September 2020.

However, the delay is not a result of any unexpected issues with the EIA, clarified EAMRA.

EIA Review Specifics

The EIA review process is being undertaken by EAMRA’s main advisors, the Danish Centre for Environment (DCE). In accordance with their quality assurance framework, DCE aims to complete the reviews as soon as possible.

Reportedly, Greenlandic and Danish translations of the EIA report are progressing well.

EAMRA highlighted that there has been extremely positive collaboration during the review-revision process. So much so, GGG supplied all necessary material for the finalisation of the review.

GGG’s goal is to ensure a high?quality EIA to thoroughly address all environmental impacts associated with the Kvanefjeld Project.

EIA Significance

GGG has been working through the permitting phase for the Kvanefjeld project. Permitting in Greenland necessitates three main impact assessments and supporting studies to be prepared and accepted for public consultation. These comprise EIA, Social impact assessment (SIA), and Maritime Safety study. Studies are subject to detailed review process before being accepted for the government to present for formal public consultation.

Notably, Kvanefjeld project’s SIA and Maritime Safety Study have been accepted for public consultation.

The EIA completion will mark a significant milestone. The EIA is an important step towards GGG securing a mining license for world-class Kvanefjeld Project.

Once the EIA is approved by EAMRA, the Ministry of Mineral Resources will manage the remainder of the licensing process, that includes formalising the public consultation process.

Source: ASX Announcements

EIA Background

In June 2019, the Company submitted a revised EIA to EAMRA for review in accordance with Greenlandic legislation and guidelines. The updated EIA was the result of a programme of work which began with stakeholder consultations and workshops with government agencies in 2013. Since then, the EIA has been the subject of considerable revision at the request of EAMRA and DCE, as outlined below:

  • EAMRA had separated outstanding environmental issues into two categories, Type 1 and Type 2.
  • Type 1 issues were those where EAMRA required more information before the EIA is accepted for public consultation.
  • Type 2 issues were those which can be answered after the process of formal public consultation has been completed.

For details on the issue categories, READ HERE: Greenland Minerals Advances Towards Securing Mining License for Kvanefjeld, Updated EIA Lodged

GGG has since then then conducted a series of constructive meetings with EAMRA and their advisors. Besides, Independent specialist consultant Klohn Crippen Berger, International independent consultant Arcadis and Specialist consultancy Shared Resources were actively involved in framing the EIA reports.

In late?May 2020, the Company lodged the updated EIA with EAMRA. Through June and July 2020, review feedback from EAMRA was received, with minor technical recommendations that independent consultants have been able to efficiently address.

The EAMRA believes that this approach will bring the EIA approval process closer to permitting practices in other countries, where issues relating to final design, engineering, construction, not salient to major environmental risk, are dealt within the final approvals process.

It should be noted that the development strategy for Kvanefjeld has sought to apply Best Available Technology and Best Environmental Practice.

Unique Characteristics of Kvanefjeld Project: Start Point of Major New RE supply

Source: AGM Presentation

GGG share price quoted $ 0.24 mid-day on 28 August 2020. The stock has delivered returns of 150% in the past six months.

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