Cynata (ASX:CYP) secures two new patents for its unique Cymerus™ technology


  • Cynata Therapeutics Limited (ASX:CYP) has recently received approval for two new patents for its Cymerus™ technology.
  • With Cymerus™, Cynata is addressing a critical limitation in mesenchymal stem cells’ production methods for therapeutic use.
  • Recently, Cynata received a Notice for Allowance for Cymerus™ for an additional patent in Canada and the US.

Cynata Therapeutics Limited (ASX:CYP) has recently announced that its two patent applications have been accepted by the Patent Office of the Russian Federation (ROSPATENT). The firm has received approval for two new patents covering Cynata’s exclusive therapeutic stem cell platform technology – CymerusTM.

On the grant of new patents, Cynata’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr Ross Macdonald, commented:

Quote from Cynata’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr Ross Macdonald

The clinical-stage stem cell and regenerative medicine firm, Cynata, focusses on the development of therapies based on its unique Cymerus™ technology. The Company’s Cymerus™ technology is addressing a critical limitation in existing MSCs (mesenchymal stem cells) production methods for therapeutic use. The shortcoming in existing production methods is the ability to achieve economic manufacture of cell therapy products, including MSCs, at commercial scale without the need for multiple donors.

Cynata has been making fast-paced progress towards enriching its proprietary Cymerus™ mesenchymal stem cell technology. This unique technology makes use of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) and a precursor cell known as mesenchymoangioblast (MCA) for the commercial-scale production of MSCs from a single donor. With this approach, the Company overcomes multiple issues with today’s on-market solutions.

Cynata's unique Cymerus™ Technology

Image source: Cynata Therapeutics

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Additional details of new patents

Cynata informed that the patent office has issued a notice stating its intent to grant two new patents on applications covering its exclusive Cymerus™ MSC technology. The matters are entitled as “Colony Forming Medium and Use Thereof” and “Pluripotent Stem Cell Assay”. Both the patents are wholly owned by Cynata.

Patent Cynata’s Cymerus™ Technology

Image Source: © Wrightstudio| Megapixl.com

The two Russian patents will play a significant role in building on the broad IP (Intellectual Property) protection of the company’s unique manufacturing platform. Moreover, the patents will protect its ability to produce highly consistent MSCs at commercial scale to create therapeutic stem cell products, without the need for multiple donors.

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Notice of allowance for a patent in the US and Canada

Of late, the ASX-listed firm secured approval from the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) for its patent application covering the Cymerus™ technology. The receipt of approval underlines the Company’s progress towards building a substantial IP asset base in markets of major commercial importance.

The patent application is entitled as “Methods and materials for hematoendothelial differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells under defined conditions.” Owned by the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF), the patent is one of the intellectual properties licensed exclusively from WARF to Cynata. WARF is an independent non-profit technology transfer group that serves the University of Wisconsin–Madison.

Bottom Line

Cynata Therapeutics is leading the healthcare segment as a regenerative medicine and stem cell therapeutics company. In the recent past, Cynata has been actively adding layers to its extensive patent portfolio to strengthen Cymerus™. The biotech firm is determined to enhance the valuable traits of its unique technology against a variety of catastrophic diseases across the globe.

Cynata’s shares are trading at AU$0.545 as of 12:14 PM AEST.






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