Activated carbon: Carbonxt’s (ASX:CG1) perfect solution to corrosion problems

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Activated carbon: Carbonxt’s (ASX:CG1) perfect solution to corrosion problems

 Activated carbon: Carbonxt’s (ASX:CG1) perfect solution to corrosion problems
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  • Corrosion causes huge damage to plant equipment across industries.
  • Carbonxt offers a cost-effective solution to prevent and control the damage caused due to corrosion.
  • The cleantech company has developed the first proven non-halogenated activated carbon.
  • Carbonxt manufactures Powder Activated Carbon and Activated Carbon (‘AC’) Pellets for pollutant capture during industrial processes.

Corrosion is known to impact industries on a massive scale. There have been increasing cases of various power plants across the country experiencing corrosion from brominated products, specifically brominated PACs. Broadly, it can be said that more utilities have realised that there is a need to opt for a corrosion control and prevention system. While many firms have taken essential countermeasures, others are yet to set in place a long-lasting and a cost-effective solution to curb the damages caused due to corrosion.

In this article, we will elaborate on control and prevention of corrosion triggered by brominated products, and how Carbonxt has been at the forefront of promoting non-halogenated solutions for mercury capture.

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How businesses have been impacted by corrosion

Carbonxt has, in its client base, a number of companies that have suffered severe corrosion damages.  Here’s what they had to share about their experiences

“Our new SDA was installed in 2014. Within the first year of operation, we had already noticed severe corrosion…The heavy corrosion was destroying our new SDA. In the end it cost us over $600,000” – a Nebraska-based facility

“Our plant has experienced pervasive corrosion issues, specifically with the brominated carbon handling system.” – a Texas-based facility

“During our inspections [during outage] we have found that we are having significant corrosion in our dry scrubber [15,000 sqft]. Our chemistry department thinks the PAC being injected may be contributing to the corrosion.” – a facility in Colorado

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Non-corrosive carbon products by Carbonxt

Equipment at the plants of varied industries can be saved from the damage using non-corrosive carbon products. However, the strength of a non-corrosive carbon product depends upon its quality of manufacturing. In addition, it becomes essential to ensure that all compliance terms and conditions are fulfilled before you source any non-corrosive activated carbon product for your plant.

Carbonxt offers an optimal solution to save heavy metal equipment from corrosion. The firm has developed a superior oxidising process to ensure that its products are high-quality non-corrosive carbons.

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The cleantech company has engineered the first proven non-halogenated activated carbons with a proprietary oxidising additive, which does not use bromine or any halogens. It provides the necessary mercury oxidation without the negative impacts from halogenated sorbents, specifically corrosion.

Carbonxt produces Powder Activated Carbon (‘PAC’) and Activated Carbon (‘AC’) Pellets for use in industrial air purification, wastewater treatment and other liquid and gas phase markets.

These oxidising, non-corrosive carbon products ensure that equipment maintain their efficiency in capturing pollutants such as mercury and other contaminants in industrial processes, while eliminating the damage that brominated products cause to it.

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CG1 shares were trading at AU$0.225 midday on 13 May 2022, with market capitalisation of AU$43.53 million.


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