Seven upcoming ASX IPOs with issue price below 20 cents


  • Most investors invest in an IPO to reap listing gains, sometimes bagging a 2x return on the listing day.
  • Aquirian Group is planning to list on the ASX on 27 July 2021 with a AU$8 million IPO via the issue of 40 million shares at AU$0.2 per share.
  • Balkan Mining and Minerals is an exploration company soon to be listed on the ASX with a AU$6.5 million IPO.

Recently, investing in IPOs has become quite popular. An IPO or Initial Public Offering is the process by which a privately held company goes public by offering new shares to the general public for the first time to raise more capital. Sometimes existing shareholders, generally promotors and institutions also tend to sell some of their stake.

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Most investors invest in an IPO to reap listing gains. When a company’s IPO gets oversubscribed, i.e., when the application surpasses the required amount to be raised by the company, many investors are not able to get their hands on the company’s shares. Therefore they try to buy the securities from the open market as soon as it gets listed.

This high demand from investors on the listing day, generally leads to a decent price surge (sometimes the share price also get double on the listing day), and it is this game of seemingly “easy money” that attracts most of the investors in good quality IPOs. On that note, let us have a look at seven upcoming IPOs on the ASX having an issue price of 20 cents or less.

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  1. Aerison Group (ASX:AE1)

 Aerison Group has a rich history of over 30 years in developing multi-disciplined engineering design, asset maintenance and construction services. An engineering design and construction company, Aerison has many clients across Australia and caters to various industries.

The company is also well-known for its expertise in environmental services, including compliance testing, emission mitigation performance studies and custom designed solutions specifically engineered to reduce the impact.

The company has raised a total of AU$13.5 million by issuing 67.5 million shares at an issue price of AU$0.2.

  1. Aquirian (ASX:AQN)

Aquirian Group is providing innovative solutions globally to the resources market. The company aims to deliver outstanding value to its customers and stakeholders through superior know-how and leveraging its group synergies. The company is a unique solutions provider with offerings that deliver capability and resourcing to support its clients across the sector. Each entity of the group has a great track record of delivery and is managed by a highly experienced leadership team.

Aquirian Group is planning to list on 27 July 2021 with a AU$8 million IPO via the issue of 40 million shares at AU$0.2 per share.

  1. Ballymore Resources (ASX:BTM)

Ballymore Resources is an Australia based exploration and development company having major tenement holdings in prolific mining provinces. It has a robust portfolio of gold, silver, lead, copper and zinc targets located adjacent to historic workings. The company also boasts of an experienced team with a successful track record in exploration, mine development and building mining companies.  

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The firm is committed to pursuing new opportunities in the resources sector along with building shareholder value by acquisition, exploration, and exploitation of mineral resource projects. The company has raised AU$11 million by issuing 55 million shares.

  1. Balkan Mining and Minerals (ASX:BMM)

Balkan Mining and Minerals is a mining and exploration company which is soon going public and is ready to be listed on the ASX. The company is currently focusing on Rekovac Lithium-Borate Project as well as the Pranjani and Dobrinja licenses whilst it explores for further opportunities in the Balkan region.

The company has raised a total of AU$6.5 million, offering 32.5 million shares at AU$0.2 per share. It is expected to list on 17 July 2021.

  1. Bersa Gold (ASX:BEZ)

Besra is a gold miner based in Australia, currently having ongoing exploration and development activities in its Bau Goldfield in East Malaysia. The company currently controls, a 92.0% stake in the Bau Gold Project located in Sarawak, East Malaysia. This will increase to a 97.8% interest after the company’s listing when it intends to move forward with its business strategy to ramp up its stake in the Bau Gold Project.

The offer has already been closed but the listing date is not yet announced. The company successfully raised AU$12.5 million via the issue of 62.5 million shares at AU$0.2 per share.

  1. Cannon Resources (ASX:CNR)

Cannon Resources is a mineral resources exploration company, established with an aim to implement the demerger undertaken by Rox Resources Limited. This would help maximising the value of the Collurabbie Nickel Project and the Fisher East Nickel Project. Both the Collurabbie Project and Fisher East Project represent excellent exploration opportunities and the company is focusing on delivering value from these assets.

Cannon Resources is going public on 12 August 2021, with an IPO of AU$6 million, issuing 30 million shares at AU$0.2.

  1. Charger Metals NL (ASX:CHR)

Charger Metals is a minerals company based in Australia, having a portfolio of lithium & other base metals projects in Western Australia. The company’s portfolio includes a 70% interest in the Lake Johnston Lithium Project and Coates Ni-Cu-Co-PGE Project in Western Australia; and the Bynoe Lithium and Gold Project in the Northern Territory. In addition, Charger Metals has also entered into an option agreement, enabling it to acquire an 85% stake in the Coates North Project, which adjoins the Coates Ni-Cu-PGE Project.

Charger Metals is listing this week, on 9 July 2021 with a successful IPO of AU$6 million, offering 30 million shares at AU$0.2.

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