Scope of Perimeter Security Market: A Glance at SOR, DRO, SP3

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Scope of Perimeter Security Market: A Glance at SOR, DRO, SP3

 Scope of Perimeter Security Market: A Glance at SOR, DRO, SP3


  • The growth in smart cities, infrastructure development, and rising illegal activities have increased the demand for perimeter security systems.
  • Perimeter security systems have proved useful, both at the corporate level and country level, preventing intruders from entering the boundary.
  • Experts project the global perimeter security market to reach around US$30 billion by 2025; significant growth is expected in the APAC region.

Perimeter security refers to the barriers that ensure keeping intruders away or to keep the captives within the boundary. Perimeter security is designed in a way to safeguard employees, visitors, and building functions and services from the threat which could arise due to unauthorised vehicles, approaching near to penetrating high-risk buildings.

The designing of perimeter security involves two elements:

  • Prevention of the entry of unauthorised vehicles and pedestrians from entering the site.
  • Access control points at which the vehicles and pedestrian can be screened before they cross the barrier.

Types of Perimeter security system:

  • CCTV Security System: CCTV or closed-circuit television that is used for surveillance of any property using an external camera.
  • Fibre Optic Detection System: This detection system is used to safeguard fence and walls and cover large perimeter extension
  • Ground Radar System: Ground radar system detects the presence of people or any vehicle from a medium and short distance. These are best suitable for those premises that are present in an isolated location and are surrounded by open space
  • Access Control System: Access control system allows entry to authorised personnel who can enter the premises either using a pin, biometric, access card. Thus, it prevents the entry of intruders.
  • Motion Sensors: Motion sensors are set outside to detect movements via the use of the infrared rays.
  • Microphone Cable Fence Disturbance Sensors: These sensors run along the overall fence, and in case any intruder tries to climb the fence or tries to cut the wire, then it changes to a real microphone, and it transmits sound.
  • Electrostatic Field Disturbance Sensors: These sensors generate an electric field using conductors and grounding in case there is any modification in the electrical field.
  • Microwave Barrier: Microwave barrier can detect the presence and movement of any activity that is hidden.
  • Electrified Fence: As the name suggests, the fence is electrified, and any intruder trying to cut the fence or climb the fence generates notification or the alarm gets activated. Further, the intruder might get an electric shock as well.
  • Spot Vibration Sensors: Spot vibration sensors are wireless perimeter alarms which comprise of sensors that are placed at doors or windows. It raises the alarm when it detects vibration.
  • Seismic Sensors: These sensors detect vibration and activate the alarm. These sensors are useful if an intruder is entering the premises with an objective to rob it and uses drilling to enter.

Growing Need for Perimeter Security:

Amid the COVID-19 crisis, many countries have experienced threat from various angles, both domestically and internationally.

An increase in illegal activities, security breaches of security systems, planned crimes, and terrorism has given rise to an urgent need for perimeter security. The application of perimeter security is more at the national borders, and in banks, big industrial plants, and correctional sites.

With the rising security concerns of the people, there has been a spurt in demand for perimeter security at a personal level. These increasing concerns have generated opportunities for the manufacturers, and they have started coming up with multi-layered perimeter protection solutions. These technologies have started gaining traction.

Global Perimeter Security Market:

The rise in the number of smart cities and the improving infrastructure has supported the Global Perimeter Security market’s growth. With these advancements, there is also a rise in the implementation of different security systems at critical locations. Also, the advancement of technology in automation, such as aerial drones, has resulted in the adoption of the latest technology to get a better result.

Global Perimeter Security Outlook:

Looking at the rise in terrorism and illegal technology worldwide, many experts are optimistic regarding the size of the market in the upcoming period. They believe this market would reach near to US$30 billion by 2025, growing at over 7% CAGR. The maximum growth is expected in the video surveillance system due to the rising concern related to public safety and increasing demand for spy cameras and IP cameras.

Experts believe that the market in the APAC region would see significant growth in perimeter security with a rise in infrastructural development.

Let us shed some light on three ASX-listed companies operating in the perimeter security space:

Strategic Security Limited (ASX:SOR)

Strategic Security Limited is under the Pooled Development Program that is operated by the Australian Federal Government to promote innovation and investment in Australian business. Its subsidiary company, Stealth Technologies Pty Ltd, is engaged in the development of technology that allows vehicles to drive autonomously and do physical tasks with robotics.

On 3 July, SOR’s stock ended the day’s trade at $0.075, a decline of 6.25% from its previous close.

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DroneShield Limited (ASX:DRO)

DroneShield Limited is a global leader in drone security technology based in Sydney, Australia and Virginia, USA.

DroneShield offers protection against drones threatening safety, security & privacy. The company has built pre-eminent drone security solutions that safeguard people, organisations as well as critical infrastructure from interference from drones. It holds superior expertise in engineering and physics and has excellent experience in defence, intelligence, and aerospace.

On 3 July, DRO’s stock ended the day’s trade at $0.130, a decline of 7.143% from its previous close.

Spectur Limited (ASX:SP3)

Spectur Limited is Australia’s No. 1 solar security camera solution, and most of the leading companies in Australia opt Spectur.

It develops security, surveillance and warning solutions driven by solar, IoT camera and cloud-based technology. SP3 holds rights to its innovative hardware & disruptive cloud-based systems which are implemented to give solutions to industries, government and utilities, and the building, construction, and civil sector.

Spectur’s core products include solar-powered deterrence and surveillance systems and related cloud-based platform.

On 3 July, SP3’s stock ended the day’s trade at $0.070, in line with the previous close.


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