A mix of 5 ASX Stocks Under Spotlight: PDL, SLC, VMT, YOJ, WOA

The journey of Australia moving towards the economic restart was lined with many intentional and unintentional changes that transformed that way we approached the world. The more conspicuous adoption of the different technical solutions and the inclination towards more healthy products, while we still pivoted our focus on world sustainability somewhat depicted what lies ahead.

Amidst the restrictions and the Darwinian survival techniques, due to the consumer’s shifting attitude and technology’s emergent nature remained in the limelight.

Let us look at the few ASX stocks that demonstrated surged activity in recent times.

Pendal Group Limited (ASX:PDL)

The global investment management company, Pendal Group Limited (ASX:PDL) operates a multi-boutique style business assisting in managing investment in the Australian and global equities, listed Australian property, fixed interest as well as investment in multi-asset portfolios.

Presenting the half-yearly results for the period closed 31 March this year, the Company has indicated the massive Covid-19 impact on the global equities market. Meanwhile, Pendal showcased a strong balance sheet with no debt. The unprecedented pandemic has affected the half-year performance of the Company as the investor’s sentiments along with the market witnessed upheaval. The performance fee lowered while the company’s cash NPAT increased by 2%.

The Company’s Board realising the importance of the dividends has declared the interim dividend of 15 cents, which however is relatively lower than that in the ordinary circumstances. The Company’s share price has risen steadily post the lockdown on 23 March signifying the growth prospects with the investor’s cloudy judgements.

In the past month, PDL stock has grown by 18.34%, and was trading at $6.22 per share, up by 3.667% (at AEST 2:47 PM) on 19 May 2020.

Superloop Limited (ASX:SLC)

Superloop Limited (ASX:SLC) is a telecommunication infrastructure company which provides connectivity and managed services. The Company besides Australia has an international presence in Singapore, Hong Kong where through fibre-optic cable networks it delivers the services.

The digital transition in the education and the conspicuous adoption of the work from home amidst the social distancing regulation led to substantial revenue growth in the third quarter.

Superloop’s Q3 connectivity sales equalled $5.6 million, which symbolise a strong quarter performance compared to the previous half-year results. Within a few weeks, strong consumer demand garnered growth of 30% traffic across the global network which the Company has almost entirely delivered. While the revenue from the student accommodation WIFI was widely consistent with the updated guidance, the revenue is expected to increase post the students’ return to the campuses.

Superloop considering the downside Coronavirus risk earlier in February provided the EBITDA guidance of $12 million to $15 million.

Source: SPL ASX Announcement

Source: SPL ASX Announcement

In the past one month, SPL stock gave 40.24% return and was trading at $1.19 per share, up by 3.478% (at AEST 2:54 PM) on 19 May 2020.

Vmoto Limited (ASX:VMT)

The global scooter manufacturer and distributor, Vmoto Limited (ASX:VMT) delivered units sale increase of 8% increase in Q1 20 in comparison to 1Q19.

The surge in the delivery services due to Covid-19 lockdown resulted in the increased interest from the potential business customers. While the Group currently supplies products to six sharing operators, it is in active discussion with ten other business customers. Meanwhile, Vmoto is actively pursuing its collaboration plans.

The ride-sharing platforms such as eMoped in Australia, Go Sharing in the Netherlands, Antik Motosharing in Slovakia, Zig Zag in Italy, and Loopshare in Canada has provided a substantial boost to the product’s growth on the global platform. Furthermore, the government initiative towards the promotion of electric green scooters and the motorcycle enthusiast continue to provide positive momentum to the group.

The rise in Vmoto cash balance from $6.6 million in 4Q19 to $7.9 million as on 31 March 2020 as the group received intense global demands and remained unaffected by Covid-19. The company’s Share Purchase Plan that was targeted to raise $1 million was heavily subscribed as it received $3.95 million worth applications. All oversubscriptions without scale back would be accepted.

Source: VMT ASX Update

Source: VMT ASX Update

The Company returned 63.33% return over the month period on 18 May 2020 and was trading at $0.225, down by 8.163% (at AEST 3:00 PM), on 19 May 2020.

Yojee Limited (ASX:YOJ)

The cloud-based software company, Yojee Limited (ASX:YOJ) operates as the (SaaS) logistics platform towards management, tracking and optimisation of the freight movements.

The Company in the March Quarter 2020 recorded an increase of 21% in the Revenues from Ordinary Activities from the previous quarter.

Some of the recent agreements in the year 2020 were:

Kuehne + Nagel Logistics Solutions, Inc.- A three-year service agreement of company’s Singapore registered subsidiary, Yojee Solutions Pte Ltd would start tracking the parcel movement on an ongoing basis from July end 2020.

Hub Express Singapore Pte Ltd- A two-year Dispatch SaaS agreement through which the company would support the Singapore logistics operator’s leading client.

Magic Hand Car Wash Franchisor Pty Ltd- A 12-month Dispatch SaaS agreement for streamlining several business processes, inclusive of automation and optimisation through Yojee’s AI capabilities.

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Yojee’s standalone business offering in Singapore, Send Yojee continued to attract clients and partnered via an Omni-Channel retail strategy with some of the leading retailers in Singapore. Yojee through the oversubscribed Share Purchase Plan ($2.2 million) and top-up placement by Thorney Investment Group ($1 million) raised a total of $3.2 million.

YOJ stock price in the past one month zoomed up by 54.84% and was trading at $0.046, down by 4.167% (at AEST 3:06 PM), on 19 May 2020.

Wide Open Agriculture Limited (ASX:WOA)

The regenerative and agricultural company, Wide Open Agriculture Limited (ASX:WOA) is committed to carbon neutrality as it seeks to develop ethical, regeneratively sourced animal and plant-based products. The Company plans its revenue growth through the products, which includes regenerative livestock, plant-based protein and the oat and milk products. The company completed its Market testing of oat milk, and it transported the rolled oats to the manufacturers

The Company, through its online home delivery service, partnered with two companies during March:

Short Order Burger Co.- Through the collaboration, WOA would provide Dirty Clean Food’s 100% grass-fed beef for launching a 100% grass-fed beef patty for home delivery.

Fins Seafood- Dirty Clean Food’s online customers through the collaboration would receive a wider product range.

Meanwhile, its recent movement towards securing exclusive global licence with Curtin University would allow WOA to tap the rising market demand which at the growth rate of 14% per annum is expected to USD 40.6 billion by 2025. The agreement would ensure the development and commercialisation of lupin-based protein.

WOA Dirty Clean Food placed under the ‘essential goods’ category witnessed significant demand boost during Covid-19 lockdown with month-on-month from February to March 2020 sales growth of 694% and 47% recorded through online and retail channels. However, the sales from restaurants and café declined during lockdown by 23%.

As on 18 May 2020, WOA stock gave a one-month return of 125.93%, and was trading at $0.28, down by 8.197% (at AEST 3:20 PM).

(NOTE: Currency is reported in Australian Dollar unless stated otherwise.)





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