Seven FAANG-stock ETFs to consider as economy reopens


  • Invesco QQQ Trust, Series 1 (NASD: QQQ) expense ratio is 0.20%. It returned around 38% in one year.
  • Micro Sectors Fang+ (ARCX: FNGU) registered around 172% growth in one year.
  • Vanguard Growth ETF (ARCX: VUG) has an expense ratio of 0.04%. The stock gained 37% in one year.

FAANG represents the first letter of the five giant companies Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google (Alphabet Inc.). ETFs are Exchange Traded Funds, a diversified pool of stocks, like a mutual fund but traded at the stock exchanges. ETFs offer choices to investors to select from a range of exchange-traded funds like the index-based or sector-based ETFs.

Over 2,100 ETFs currently exist in the market. The FAANG stocks are mainly communication (Facebook, Netflix, Google), technology (Apple), and e-commerce (Amazon) companies.

Here we explore 7 ETFs that hold FAANG stocks to know about their performance.

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Invesco QQQ Trust, Series 1 (NASD: QQQ) is NASDAQ-100 index-based ETF. Its inception date is March 10, 1999. This ETF holds FAANG stocks in the highest percentage along with other stocks.

Invesco QQQ’s expense ratio is 0.20%.

Its assets under management are US$ 181.66 million. Invesco QQQ’s current yield is 0.49%, and its annualized dividend is US$ 1.741.

The ETF 52 weeks highest prices reached US$ 365.49, and the lowest touched US$ 251.32. QQQ’s 20-day average volume is 36,535,570, and the 65-day average volume is US$39,769,492.

In one year, QQQ ETF gave a 38% return. It closed at US$357.60 on July 16.

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SPDR NYSE Technology ETF (ARCX: XNTK) is an NYSE technology index-based ETF. Its holdings include technology stocks, including FAANG. XNTK ETF's inception date is September 25, 2000. 

Its market capitalization is US$687.13 million. Its expense ratio is 0.35%, and assets under management (AUM) is US$708,974. 

XNTK's 20-day and 65-day average daily volumes were 10,140 and 14,813, respectively. The stock's 52-week highest price was US$161.34, and the lowest was US$102.38. 

It gained 46% in one year and closed at US$153.55 on July 16, 2021.

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First Trust Cloud Computing ETF (NASD: SKYY) caters to the cloud computing industry, a part of the technology sector. It tracks ISC Cloud Computing Index. SKYY’s date of inception is July 5, 2011.

Its assets under management (AUM) is US$6.11 million, and the expense ratio is 0.60%.

SKYY’s annualized dividend is US$0.1492, and the current dividend yield is 0.14%. 

In last 52 weeks, the highest price was US$112.02, and the lowest was US$73.76. The average daily volume for 20 days is 277,495 and 65 days is 270,575. The stock closed at US$102.97 on July 16, 2021.

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iShares Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Multisector ETF (ARCX: IRBO) is a new fund created on June 26, 2018. It tracks NYSE FactSet Global Robotics and Artificial Index.

It has a market capitalization of US$ 420.4 million, and assets under management are US$432,800. The ETF's expense ratio is 0.47%.

It has the most recent declared dividend in December 2020 for US$ US$ 0.087. Its 52-week highest price was US$52.10, and the lowest was US$30.43. IRBO’s 20-day average daily volume is 40,630, and the 65-day average daily volume is 61,424.

IRBO’s gave a return of 38% in one year and closed at US$42.68 on July 16, 2021.

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Micro Sectors Fang+ Index 3x Leveraged ETF (ARCX: FNGU) has US$1.84 million worth of assets under management. Its expense ratio is 0.95%. Its inception date is January 22, 2018. It has a total of 10 holdings, and nearly half of its holding is in FANG stocks.

Its 52-week highest and lowest prices were US$44.08 and US$11.43, respectively. FNGU’s 20-day average daily volume is 3,032,070, and the 65-day average daily volume is 4,206,446. FNGU share has raked in around 172% return in one year. The stock closed at US$35.33 on July 16.

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Global X Millennial Consumer ETF (NASD: MILN) has US$205,611 worth of assets under management. It has more than 80 stocks, wherein all FAANG stocks are included. 

The ETF’s inception date is May 4, 2016. Its expense ratio is US$0.50%.

MILN’s 52-week highest price was US$44.02, and the lowest was US$ 27.89. Its 20-day average daily volume is 27,980, and the 65-day daily average volume is 32,106. 

Its share increased around 48% in one year and closed at US$42.66 on July 16, 2021.

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Vanguard Growth ETF (ARCX: VUG) is an ETF with a US$41.69 billion market capitalization. This ETF holds nearly 300 stocks, including FAANG stocks.

Its expense ratio is 0.04%. VUG’s assets under management are US$80.83 million. 

VUG is an old fund linked to the MSCI US Prime Market Growth Index. Its inception date is January 26, 2004.

Its 52-week highest price is US$295.67, and lowest is US$207.26. VUG’s 20-day average daily volume is 784,705, and the 65-day daily average volume is US$791,884.

The share gained 37% in one year at the close of US$ 290.06 on July 16, 2021.   

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