Would vaccine passports help Britons to have summer holidays in Europe ?

The vaccination passports had raised competition among several travel companies and various tourist destinations in attracting UK travellers over rising optimism on the accelerated progress of the Covid-19 vaccination programme in the UK. Moreover, it is expected that many UK residents would get shot of Covid-19 vaccine before the start of Summer 2021. Thus, many travel companies are considering Britons as their potential customers.

Meanwhile, Airline companies such as EasyJet had seen a spike in demand for outbound bookings from Britain last week after the UK government had given the hopes of summer travel without any need for quarantine. Furthermore, Spain, which has been the Britons’ most preferred destination, had forced the European Union for vaccination certificates to boost up travel activities. Well, Spain had demonstrated a sharp decline in UK passengers to 3.1 million during 2020 as compared to 18.0 million recorded in 2019.