Are Crypto Locksmiths a safe solution to wallet password recovery?


  • With the help of Crypto Locksmiths, you can recover lost passwords of your crypto wallets.
  • According to a Chainanalysis data, funds worth around US $140 billion appear to be in lost or otherwise stranded crypto wallets.

Ever wondered what would happen if you lost your password to your cryptocurrency wallet? With millions invested in cryptocurrency, one can surely not afford to endure such a loss. Crypto hoarders around the globe have often faced such a dilemma and often wondered if they could get a genie to unlock the password for them. This is where Locksmiths comes to fore which helps users to recover their lost wallet passwords.

With the rise of crypto transactions in the world and more and more users prone to crypto hacks, often they tend to lose charge of their wallet or forget the passcode, which they would have changed to avoid such circumstances. According to a Chainanalysis data, funds worth around US $140 billion appear to be in lost or otherwise stranded crypto wallets. This is where various wallet recovery software or services come to the rescue of such users and help them claim them their share of cryptos. In the process they do charge a service fee, but most of them are happy to pay that charge in order to save their millions.

How does Crypto Locksmiths work?

The usual go-to thing for anyone who has forgotten his password is to either reset it or opt to third-party software to access the account. But often that risks the users of sharing the data with the third party.

But there are some passwords that are non-recoverable, and you need a brute force method, i.e. a process that requires guessing multiple combinations of passwords. But the risk is of getting the account blocked is way too high.

But most of the users prefer to trust Crypto Locksmiths, which specialises in using technologies to recover the lost wallet account and help clients salvage a part of their kitty. The Crypto Locksmith firm without compromising on the security or the privacy of the clients try to recover the password.  

They use air gap computers, which are not connected to Internet so that it doesn’t have any limits to the number of attempts to access the crypto-coins.

Charging a bomb?

One may wonder if the Crypto Locksmiths are charging to offer these services. Yes, often companies charge anywhere between 4% and 15% of whatever fortune is salvaged. For a layman, the service charge may be high, but without it, your cryptocurrencies are virtually nothing and are at risk.

But most clients are quite happy to pay the service fee as to make sure in order to save your investment. In today’s world, it has become more and more prevalent to opt for such services as frequent change in passwords often lead to such crisis.


There is an increase in the number of companies that offer Crypto Locksmithing services. With rise in the crypto market cap and trading across the world, many customers prefer to play it safe than be regret forever.