Countdown Of Theresa May’s Departure Begins

  • May 17, 2019 BST
  • Team Kalkine
Countdown Of Theresa May’s Departure Begins

Leader of Conservatives’ and British Prime Minister Theresa May has said that she will next month going to set out her departure date as the Prime Minister and set out a timetable for the election of new party leader.

As her Brexit deal was voted down many times in the House of Commons and she was unable to get full support from her own Tory MPs. She has been under prodigious coercion to step down from the chair of prime minister. Finally, she bowed to inevitable and announced that she would set out a timetable for her resignation in the early June, nevertheless whether she gets her next Brexit deal through the Parliament.

A couple of hours before the formal announcement made by the Prime Minister Theresa May, Boris Johnson, the former foreign secretary notified that he would contest for the Tory Party leadership, an election is expected to schedule in the coming months.

However, Mrs May secured a confidence vote from her party MPs during the last month of 2018, and party decision meant that no one could re-challenge her position until December, this year.

In a meeting scheduled with the backbench 1922 committee, Mrs May told conservative eminence that she was determined on handing over Brexit and confident of winning a crunch vote on the divorce deal in the week starting from June 03.

The chairman of the 1922 committee of Conservative MPs, Sir Graham Brady, said that he had discussed a deal over Theresa May's future during an explicit talk in the House of Commons.

The executives of the 1922 committee and May would meet again to decide her future post-poll on the divorce arrangement bill in the week starting from June 03, Sir Graham added.

Grant Shapps, a Conservative MP said that this announcement would enable greater ambition and strengthen the Brexit process.

Another Conservative fellow, Philip Lee, said that replacement of Prime Minister would not solve Britain's problems. He added that compelling Prime Minister to resign and spending time on search of a new conservative leader is not either in the interest of the party nor in the interest of Britain.

Philip Lee is the one who backs a new referendum on the Brexit.

Meanwhile, the leader of opposition Jeremy Corbyn said that unless the bill does not guarantee custom union with the EU bloc and protect workers rights, consumer right and environment right his party is not going to offer support for the Withdrawal agreement.

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