How are these 6 NZX stock prices moving amid the trading session?


  • Stock prices movement is highly affected by the demand and supply of shares in an exchange.
  • Radius Residential Care settled its Placement last week, the proceeds are to be used for purchase of land and decreasing debt.
  • Evolve Education Group, last month held its Annual Shareholders Meeting, wherein the Chairman’s address revolved around the underlying EBITDA.

Stock prices are constantly on move during a market session. They oscillate between highs and lows, resulting in investors either adding to their wealth or losing them.

Here, a question arises - why do stock prices keep changing?

There is no definite answer to it. However, there are elements like demand and supply of shares in the market, which directly influence stock prices. Greater the demand of a company’s shares, higher the price and vice-versa.

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Let’s quickly go through the latest updates of the 6 NZX-listed stock prices.

Radius Residential Care Limited (NZX:RAD)

On 12 July, at the time of writing, Radius Residential Care Limited, a retirement village entity, was trading up by 6.25% at NZ$0.85.

The rise in price can be attributed to a positive announcement of 100% subscribed NZ$30 million placement at NZ$0.52/Radius share.

On 9 July, the Company notified the market that it had concluded the bookbuild for the Placement of up to NZ$50 million equity raising, which was conveyed to the market a day before. It has acknowledged the complete number of oversubscriptions available to raise NZ$30 million.

The profits of the Placement would be utilised to finance a cash component of NZ$31.4 million purchase of the land and buildings at four key sites that the company presently functions from Ohaupo Holdings. The proceeds would also help in decreasing debt to create further headroom for prospective growth projects.     

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NZ Windfarms Limited (NZX:NWF)

At the time of writing on 12 July, NZ Windfarms Limited, a farm owner and operator, was moving up by 3.64% at NZ$0.285.

Of late, the Company has not given any latest notification. Its last declaration was on 28 May when the Company agreed on a new variable volume fixed price agreement for 25% during 1 October 2022-30 June 2023 as mentioned below.

  • The contract between Q1 2021-Q2 2022 lies with counter party one.
  • During Q3 2023, the contract lies with contract party two.
  • Lastly, counter party three has the contract aid Q4 2022- Q2 2023.

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Enprise Group Limited (NZX:ENS)

On 12 July, Enprise Group Limited, a cloud business software entity was trading in green, at the time of writing, gaining 3.30% at NZ$3.76.

As per its last update on 30 June, Enprise Solutions Ltd, part of the Enterprise Division had inked a deal to acquire the Intellectual Property of VIS (Very Impressive Software).

The purchase of Very Impressive Software would provide NZ$200K in recurring and contracted revenue and would also boost the Company’s Enterprise Division’s product offerings to the current and new clients.

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Allied Farmers Limited (NZX:ALF)

Finance and rural company Allied Farmers Limited decreased by 3.23%, at the time of writing, and was trading at NZ$0.600, on 12 July.

The Company last provided an update on 24 June, wherein it informed that NZ Rural Land Management Limited Partnership agreed to make payment of cash dividend of N$700K to its partners, out of which, NZ$350K was to be paid to Allied Farmers.

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Tourism Holdings Limited (NZX:THL)

Provider of tourist services in the Australasian region, Tourism Holdings Limited went down by 1.63%, at the time of writing, and was trading at NZ$2.41.

Last week, Tourism Holdings had declared the date for publishing its full-year report for the period ended 30 June 2021 on 26 August.

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Evolve Education Group Limited (NZX:EVO)

Investor of provision and management of an initial childhood education services in the New Zealand region, Evolve Education Group Limited, was trading in red on 12 July.

At the time of writing, Evolve Education Group slipped by 2.44% and was trading at NZ$0.800.

Last month, the Company held its Annual Shareholders Meeting and released its chairman’s address. He mentioned after assessing the annual report for the period ended December 2020, the focus was on underlying EBITDA. The Company’s EBITDA grew by NZ$10 million from the 12-month ended March 2020 to the 12-month ended December last year.

The Company anticipates an underlying EBITDA for the year closed 31 December 2021 fall amid NZ$16 million-NZ$18.5 million subject to COVID-19 triggered disruptions in the ANZ region. Also, for the year closed 31 December 2022, underlying EBITDA is expected to fall from NZ$23 million to NZ$25 million.



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