Worried about COVID-19? Here’s what you can do to stave off the virus

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Worried about COVID-19? Here’s what you can do to stave off the virus

 Worried about COVID-19? Here’s what you can do to stave off the virus
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In May, when India hit the second wave peak, the world hoped that the virus might have been gone for good. But the tenacious virus seems to have another plan. The virus can beat any mobile phone maker fair and square, when it comes to upgrades. The virus has come up with around five different variants in the last one and a half years.

By June, Britain had reported the emergence of the Delta Plus variant – which is now fast spreading across the globe. The Delta variant has become a dominant strain now and the COVID-19 is resurging. The daily new cases have reclaimed the 500,000-mark. The number of fresh weekly cases is soaring as well. There have been lockdowns announced across key industrial centres across the economies. This may, in turn, hit the recovery of the global economy – which policymakers would perceive as hard-earned.

In the face of this deadly wave, here is what you might do to save yourself from the pandemic.

Vaccination: Vaccinate, vaccinate, vaccinate – that should be the mantra at all levels right now – from the government to the layman. While vaccination won’t act as a repellant for the virus. But what it can do is get your body ready for the virus attack. Till its onset, this virus was unknown to the human body and that is why it impacted people so badly. This should also come in the way of fight against the anti-vaxxers. There are many anti-vaccine groups right now, that peddle conspiracy theories to detract masses from vaccination.

Social Distancing: You should ideally maintain a six feet distance from others in public spaces. Since this virus is airborne, the droplets carrying virus, mostly don’t travel more than six feet distance. So, if you are in a public place, and the other person is infected, social distancing reduces the chances of you contracting the virus.


Worried about COVID-19? Here’s what you can do to stave off the virus


Wear masks: At any public space, one should wear a mask – for the greater good. Masks might feel a wee bit uncomfortable, but right now we don’t have an option. The masks filter most of the droplets coming out of your mouth, thereby protect others, in case you are infected. The masks also stop incoming droplets, thus saving you from the virus.

Hygiene: It is simply appalling that the governments across the globe had to spend billions of dollars last year to promote just one basic thing – how important is to wash your hands regularly. It is a given that hands should be washed regularly. May be, in the rat race for success, we would have forgotten cleaning hands regularly, and that is why the virus had such an impact on us. In public places, where you can’t wash your hands, keep a sanitiser handy.

Avoid going out: When you increase your interaction with people, you end up increasing your chances of contracting the virus. Stay home, whenever possible. If you have an option to work from home, do it. When you go out, you interact with people and you never know, if they are infected or not.


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