UN urges countries to focus on quick COVID-19 vaccination

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UN urges countries to focus on quick COVID-19 vaccination

 UN urges countries to focus on quick COVID-19 vaccination
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  • The UN urges countries for the prioritisation of quick vaccine delivery.
  • The UN says monetary gains should be left secondary.
  • Why is there a need to expedite the process of vaccination?

With the vaccine roll-out underway in different parts of the world, there are many countries offering their best practices to ensure that more and more people get vaccinated at the earliest. This however, is a challenge, and a huge chunk of the population has gone through the disease in the past year. The UN has recently urged the producers of vaccines to focus on creating enough vaccines to circulate in developing countries, rather than simply thinking of earning profits.

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While COVID-19 engulfed the world  last year, a few things have become clear, which are true for one and all. There is nothing as important than one’s health and family, and people have come closer than ever before for their friends and family. Human rights experts with the UN are of the view that there is need to focus on the production as well as the distribution of the vaccine uniformly, especially, while keeping things like profit and economic growth due to it as secondary.

A little ahead of the G7 summit, the experts were of the view everyone had a right to safe and effective mode of vaccination from the ghastly virus. Speaking about the people in the Southern part of the world, the experts said people over there required equal opportunities to receive timely vaccines like the rest of the world.

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In their statement from the Human rights Council platform in the UN, they said that that was the time for the entire world to unite for countries and economies to help each other without keeping monetary gains as a point of primary importance. It is time to not let the vaccine put to spectacle a great divide, they say. The multitude of people left without vaccines shows how different these two worlds are that people reside in, one full of knowledge with having privileges and comforts, while the other full of struggle and ignorance.

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They further added that that was not the appropriate time for levying restrictions to ensure corporate gains or delays due to policies and practices. In a shocking statistic, it was revealed that merely 1% of the total vaccines had gone to low-income countries yet. There is need to expedite the process of vaccinating people across the world if we ever wish to get rid of the nightmare of the pandemic.


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