The surge game: PKD prices soar by 20%


  • PetKingdom is an NFT game where players complete missions and join in battles to collect PKD cryptocurrency.
  • Bitcoin drops 6% as Ethereum slid below US$3,000 to hit near two-month low.
  • PKD has been trading 20.02% higher in the last 24 hours with a volume of US$108,287.

The cryptocurrency prices are facing a huge selling pressure, which analysts believe is due to the uncertainty in the Chinese markets. Bitcoin dropped by over 6% in the last 24 hours trading at USD$40,835.76.

Bitcoin graph

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Ethereum also dropped by 8%, below the psychological US$3,000-mark to hit two-month low. However, there are some cryptocurrencies that have surged over 20% in the last 24-hours like PetKingdom (PKD).

What is PetKingdom PKD?

PetKingdom token helps to earn money through gaming battles. This token comes from a blockchain of a socio-economic gaming society - created on Binance Smart Chain.

In this game, the player needs to win daily fight predicting the planet’s future from the sun. This game can only be played with proper coordination.

Key Highlights-

  • The players can spend the PKD token to buy one or more incubators to unlock the character.
  • Players can exchange their PKD tokens for ERC-721 where the player gets 5,600,000 additional tokens evenly distributed across five cards in the first issue of original card.
  • Each card comes with only 1,120,000 bonus tokens that are launched gradually.
  • To play this came and earn more tokens, the players must arrive early. However, the prize pool can be increased depending upon the subsequent purchase of the incubator, even as the percentage remains evenly distributed across all cards.

How to purchase PKD token?

It’s quite easy to purchase PKD token. At first the buyer needs to create an account on the trust wallet app to get PetKingdom NFT ensuring that the bank is connected to the wallet. Prior to that, however, the purchaser will be required to have either Bitcoin abbreviated as BTC or Ethereum (ETH).

As it’s a gaming token, the buyer needs to play on the tokens where the player can withdraw the options by clicking on the profile based on token amounts earned after playing.

The player needs to select the desired amount of withdrawable token by clicking on the drawl. After selecting the token amount the buyer will be required to fill up the details of respective trust wallet account. Post this, the buyer can see that PKD token has been credited to the wallet account.

PetKingdom NFT price movement.

PKD token is trading at US$ 0.352051 as of today with a 24-hour trading volume of US$108,287. The gaming token has surged by 20.02% up in the last 24 hours with current market rank of #3,616. The token has been trading at US$0.2057 on its 7-day low and US$0.3998 on its 52-week high. PetKingdom’s total current supply stands at 20,000,000 PKDs.