Bill Gates' game plan on how to avert a climate disaster

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Bill Gates' game plan on how to avert a climate disaster

 Bill Gates' game plan on how to avert a climate disaster

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“How to Avoid a Climate Disaster”, the latest book by tech philanthropist Bill Gates is the talk of the town. From environmentalists to governments, all want to dig into the thoughts of the Microsoft legend about the matter, which has picked up heat in the recent past.

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Pillars for Bringing a Paradigm Shift in Climate Change

In an interview with the Atlantic, Mr Gates narrowed down on some points that he feels should be the pillar of the global mission to tackle the climate change and reach carbon neutrality by 2050.

The tech magnate described some of these pillars -- increased spending on R&D, pull in carbon tax, and deployment of new technologies, for which Mr Gates himself has pledged USD 2 billion.

Moving ahead, Mr Gates called for an unnatural high pace in the innovation for carbon-free energy sources while citing that the global shift from fossil fuels such as oil and coal to less carbon-intensive mediums such as natural gas could not be the endgame.

China to Play a Central Role

Mr Gates believes that on the country level, China has to play a significant role for its potential source of new technology and the industry with high carbon footprints.

In his book, Mr Gates mentions that rich countries should reach net-zero emissions by 2050. However, he opines that China might miss the target as the Asian country continues to support coal for energy.

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US Must Push China to Fast-track Net-Zero Emission Deadline

The United States is supercharged with Joe Biden’s administration focusing on policies designed to take the country towards carbon-neutrality goals. However, Mr Gates believes that it could be tricky for the new US administration to address the issue beyond the country’s borders, highlighting the challenges with China.  

The support for coal across China continues to grow among domestic players, thanks to the Belt and Road initiative and a set of China-led development projects across multiple countries. Meanwhile, the Red Dragon is aiming to reach carbon neutrality by 2060.

Highlighting the fact, Mr Gates stated, that was not a win-win situation, and the US should encourage China to work on its deadline.

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He also touched upon the development of EVs. Mr Gates believes that individual participation in the sector would not make much difference unless energy infrastructure is powered by carbon-free sources.  

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The goal of healing the planet is simple - cutting the dangerous carbon pollution. The new book by Mr. Gates clearly demonstrates his love for his home planet and highlights many solutions that can help achieve the global target.

The human emissions of greenhouse gases are at their highest levels. The race to build climate resilience can be accomplished with rapid, far-reaching, and unprecedented changes in all aspects of society. However, the question remains – Can we all come together?     


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