7 financial lessons from Netflix’s Squid Game


  • COVID-19 has drained savings and created a debt repayment crisis worldwide.
  • Netflix's popular Korean series, Squid Game, brings forth more drama on money and desperation.
  • Squid game is not just a show but a boatload on money management.

COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically worsened life for the world's poor. The money crisis is whiplashing developing nations. People have taken loads of 'survival' debt, and hopes of life-changing money have made them prone to financial fraud. Thus, unfavorable circumstances are multiplying with bad financial decisions. Netflix's recent global hit, Squid Game, showcases this traumatic scenario in a very intriguing and thought-provoking way.

7 financial lessons from Netflix’s Squid Game

Squid Game, a financial dystopia

The global hit tells you what happens when broke individuals get into deadly games for the greed of enormous fortunes. The September released Korean series has a fictional plot that showcases a deadly survival game to win a billion-dollar prize. The series plot revolves around debt trapped characters and the consequences of high amounts of household debt taken by middle and lower-income groups, who cannot pay it back later. The Netflix series is being widely related to the reality of developing world, and has more to offer than just thrill. For example, it subtly highlights the importance of financial discipline.

In this article, we look at few key takeaways to avoid financial disruption.

Seven financial lessons from Netflix’s Squid Game: 

Quick money slips faster

The quick rich attitude of protagonist Cho Sang Woo pushes him into a debt trap. Even after being the most successful child in his village, he becomes greedy and gets embezzled. He ends up with a loss and a large debt. His desire to get rich fast makes him susceptible to the deadly Squid Game. The show brings out a big lesson of saying ‘NO’ to fictitiously impressive ROI and fraudulent schemes. Instead, one can easily save a small part of their regular earnings and invest wisely in quality securities to generate wealth or pay off debt.

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To get Rich-Pay debts first

Another central character Seong Gi-hun prioritises spending over debt repayment from his salary as a driver. He increases the burden of debt on himself and, not realising, gets pressed further under it. One must never forget that it is difficult to achieve financial well-being with debt in your books. The majority of Squid game players who take put their lives at stake are debt-ridden individuals. The opportunity to play to win billions of Korean won pulls them further into the dangerous debt trap. So, the lesson to remember here is that one must always think of repayment before applying for debt. Once taken, it should become the top priority.  One cannot focus on building wealth if he keeps running away from financial obligations. Squid Game also reveals the harsh reality of loan sharks and their aggressive and intimidating debt collection tricks.  

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Derivatives is a deep think game

In the show, Sang Woo suffers from participating in the derivatives market and is identified as a failure, leaving him into deep losses. The derivatives market, with significant returns, attracts many investors, but it is not easy to make value from money. Derivatives are risky. Investors require deep knowledge and understanding to make profits and avoid profound losses. Moreover, the intense volatility of derivatives exposes investors to manipulators in the market, so investors must remain careful about it. But research is the only thing one needs to rely on for profitability and wealth creation.

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Diversification is key to wealth

In one of the game rounds, the team divides themselves to win the contest and survive. It's a well-appreciated approach amongst investors. Investing geniuses like Warren Buffet believe in spreading their money across different assets to stay profitable even in periods like COVID-19. Different assets behave differently in economic phases; when equity doesn't work, bonds do and vice versa. It is a biblical verse for investors and portfolio managers that 'don't put all your eggs in one basket, and it is quite obvious why. Diversification helps spread risk. It's probably Sang Woo's job as an investment leader, which gives him this survival instinct in the game.


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Gambling is too risky

One can lose money from horse racing gambles is another story pick from Seong Gi-hun at Squid Game. Although gambling can make you rich quickly with no effort and just luck, it also brings in chances of huge losses.  One must therefore remember that wealth takes time to grow. It is a risk-adjusted approach that multiplies pennies to millions. It is a process that needs thorough research. No matter how big or small the income is, putting it to risk is not worth it. It is always better to not gamble and use ones' limited resources wisely. Calculated risks always work better, even in gambling. Squid Game pretty much makes it clear how choices determine the future.


Insurance is one wise decision

Taking another cue from Seong Gi-Hun's life, we must understand the importance of insurance. In the drama, his mother's health insurance gets cancelled as she spends the money elsewhere, making her struggle for medical help. It is a gentle reminder of how critical it is to care for our family's needs and provide for their losses with insurance. Leading a good life means considering even the worst-case scenarios and being prepared to protect loved ones. Health insurance was one crucial thing that even COVID-19 made us think about. Squid Game also showed the importance of a safety net to maintain one's standard of living even during the hardest days.


Seeking support makes you stronger

When players are tasked to cross dizzying heights in an episode by jumping on fragile glass platforms, choosing the right platform becomes critical. Now an informed decision has become essential here. So is the case of investments, where your choices can make or break your money. For making better decisions, it's always easier to go to an expert with whom you can share your financial hardships. Seeking support, therefore, only makes you stronger in the wealth game. Trusting the right people can not only save your money but can multiply it.


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Bottom line

Squid Game teaches us the importance of good financial decisions. The Netflix series pins a thought hole in our heads using a simple childhood game and a twist of extreme punishments for wrong choices. It makes us realise the importance of informed financial choices.