Sovereign Hill Launches 20-Year Master Plan to Celebrate Golden Jubilee

The open-air museum in Golden Point and the historical landmark, Sovereign Hill, has unveiled a master plan for the next two decades. The 20-year Master Plan includes four phases to be delivered between 2021 and 2030.

Gold will continue to play a crucial role in the museum’s story, while vibrant seasonal programming will also be introduced. Furthermore, the master plan mapped by the museum aims to develop stronger connections with the community while becoming a leader in environmental stewardship. 

To conclude its 50th anniversary this Sunday, the open-air museum has announced several new projects in collaboration and extensive consultation with Ballarat Youth, the local business community, the museum’s partners, educators, and disability advocates.

CRAFT and Gold Pavilion to Take Centre Stage in Phase One   

The Sovereign Hill Museums Association has launched the first phase, which will be implemented by mid-2022 with the launch of a Centre of Rare Arts and Forgotten Trade (CRAFT). 

At CRAFT, visitors would be able to take part in hands-on workshops ranging from 30 minutes to five days across a diverse range of areas. It is anticipated to keep near-forgotten trades and skills alive and thriving.

To keep gold as the pivotal counter, the phase one would launch the Gold Pavilion, which would showcase three distinct exhibition spaces. It would enable visitors to curate their journey and maximise their connection to the gold rush, with an enhanced orientation experience.

Also, the organisation would build the Australian Centre for Gold Rush Collection to increase the accessibility to Sovereign Hill’s culturally rich collection.  

Master Plan to Bolster Victoria’s Economy

Made possible through a funding of $10.1 million from the Federal Government under the Tourism Icons Program, the master plan would focus on regenerative practices driven by Sovereign Hill’s aspiration to create a better future.

Sovereign Hill has stated that the master plan would increase the footfall at the museum while considerably expanding the not-for-profit organisation and the Sovereign Hill’s outdoor museum by 2040.

The organisation anticipates that the annual footfall would more than double from 527,000 to 1.4 million, creating additional 1,230 jobs. Moreover, the master plan is expected to bolster Victoria’s economy with an estimated increase of $202 million.