How Biden Plans To Cut 50% Emissions By 2030


  • One of the primary goals is to boost environmental justice by ensuring clean air and water.
  • Another primary focus will be to shift from gasoline-powered vehicles to electric cars, overhaul the transportation sector to cut emissions.
  • The administration's climate task force has prepared a national action plan, called the Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC), to undertake green projects.

The Joe Biden administration has set a target of a 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in the US by 2030 as part of an ambitious plan to tackle the climate crisis head-on.

The plan was announced during the Leaders' Summit on Climate, hosted by the administration in April. The government hopes the climate action will help boost environmental justice, the health of the Americans, and economic competitiveness.

The efforts to cut emissions would go hand-in-hand with creating jobs, said the White House. Meanwhile, it has ordered the shutting down of all abandoned wells and mines that are major sources of methane and CO2 emissions as part of the climate fight.

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Biden's Climate Action

The overall goal is to reduce global warming. To fulfil this vision, it will mainly focus on innovation that will drive the economy in the following decades. The US administration would employ clean technologies and upgrade infrastructure. It will adopt modern energy codes for buildings and use modern technologies to reduce emissions during constructions.

The second area of focus will be on the Make-in-America initiative so that the local companies can play an active role in achieving the climate targets. Domestic supply chains to be strengthened so that clean energy products are available at home and abroad.

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The third aspect is economic recovery. The administration would closely monitor the pace of the recovery. The government has already stepped up efforts to expand the economic activities post covid and generate more better-paying jobs for its citizens.

The fourth area of focus will be on environmental justice, one of the administration's primary goals. It aims to provide clean air and water to its citizens to improve their health.

The fifth and final aspect is to make the shift from gasoline-powered vehicles to electric cars. Again, the focus will be on upgrading the transportation sector to reduce emissions. Agricultural and industrial pollution also to be closely monitored to reduce carbon.

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Climate Task Force

The Biden administration's climate task force has prepared a national action plan, dubbed Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC), to stall climate change. Its purpose is to meet the targets of the Paris Climate Accord signed under the framework of the UNFCCC in 2016.

The group has conducted a detailed cost analysis of the climate action. For instance, the technology needed, the cost involved and how to make the projects self-sustainable. The government is expected to implement the strategy later this year.

Furthermore, the task force has consulted top scientists, government officials, business leaders, and subject-matter experts to implement the action plan. The overarching mission of the NDC is to find cost-effective methods to reduce emissions in the long run.