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Viva Leisure

Established in the year 2004, Viva Leisure runs and operates fitness centers, and is popular for its high-quality health clubs and gymnasiums, serving to the fitness enthusiasts and operating in the health and leisure sector of the market. The mission of Viva Leisure (ASX: VVA) is to bring together- people, health and fitness with a clear mission and an aim to offer affordable, accessible and attractive facilities for its members. Viva Leisure provides a wide range of various packages for subscription to its clients to choose from; along with a variety of different kinds of fitness services and facilities, ranging from the big box fitness to luxurious boutique fitness services. The business runs over forty health clubs between Australian Capital Territory (ACT), New South Wales, and Victoria, majorly functioning and operating under the name of ClubLime. The ACT has twenty-eight health clubs, New South Wales has twenty four, with Victoria having eight and 10 health clubs in Queensland.

Viva Leisure: Brands
  1. Clublime:

The brand Clublime operates under the segment of Big Box? fitness concept. The concept of a big box in simple words can be understood as any health club or fitness center chain that offers a dedicated huge gym area or a section with free weights and cardio equipment, along with offering group fitness sessions and trainings, that may run twenty four hours a day. The purpose of the brand Clublime is to cater to the segment of unisex health clubs proving a wide range of fitness/ health club services and facilities in its configuration of big box alongside offering a selection of different service in its standard and express clubs.

  1. Clublime- Ladies Only:

The brand Clublime- Ladies only, operated under the standard segment. As the name suggests this health club category caters only to the ladies and offers a complete package of health club facilities in a female-only private environment. Besides offering a space dedicated only to the women to workout in a more comfortable and conducive space for them, a ladies-only gym or fitness center also helps in focusing on special requirements and workout regimes curated especially for the ladies to help meet their specific fitness goals- be it weight loss, toning, increasing muscular strengths, enhancing metabolism, etc.

  1. Clublime- Psycle Life:

The brand Clublime- Psycle Life operates under the ?boutique? segment of Viva Leisure. Cycling is best known to provide multiple health benefits such as- increasing cardiovascular fitness, improving joint mobility, decreasing stress levels, improving posture and coordination, strengthening bones, decreasing body fat levels, among some of the top advantages. Clublime- Psycle Life is based on the concept of an indoor cycling studio and a one-of-a-kind class format curated especially by Viva Leisure. Clublime- Psycle Life also provides pre-choreographed sessions.

  1. HIIT Republic:

HIIT Republic operates under the ?boutique? segment of Viva Leisure. HIIT stands for- High Intensity Interval Training and is based on boutique functional fitness. If due to the busy and long schedules of your work, you are not able to take the adequate time out that is normally taken for running an end-to-end fitness regime to reach your fitness goal, then HIIT is definitely the solution for you. High intensity Interval Training is a session packed to ensure that you are able to work-out well and as per the requirement of your regime, within a relatively shorter span of time, as compared to your normal span of workout session. The sessions under the High Intensity Interval Training are to be provided within the big box and the standard clubs with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) furnishing the same experience and context in a luxury setting, design and layout to give you an extra dose of pampering while you burn those calories out.

  1. Clublime Aquatics:

The brand Clublime Acquatics provides indoor aquatic facilities for the general public and the members. Swimming sure has multiple health and psychological benefits, such as- besides building endurance and muscle strength, swimming takes the stress off your body. Regular swimming also helps in maintaining a healthy body weight, healthy heart and lungs, alongside effectively toning body muscles and building body strength. Take the load and stress off and simply enroll for the Clublime acquatics to rejuvenate and fresh yourself after a long day at work..

  1. Clublime Swim School

Swimming is hands down an essential lifesaving skill, and there is sure no age to learn this skill, practice and master it. Clublime swim school offers swimming lessons wherein from age group as young as babies of 6 months to adults can take the swimming classes.

  1. Gymmy PT

What better than having a personalized fitness trainer to help you reach your fitness goals. Personal fitness training is known to have advantages such as- observing better results sooner as the training is focused helping you reach maximum results, losing fat and gaining muscle, setting achievable personalized fitness goals, can even help in attaining specific fitness goals such as preparing/ training for an event (marathon, weight-lifting championship, etc.), reducing the risk of injury- when training under professional and personalized supervision, challenging and motivating the mentee to work out better, help establish life-long exercise habits, not just fitness a personal trainer can even help in giving nutrition advice, a personal trainer can fit into your schedule to plan and execute your work out. The Personal Training unit of Viva leisure runs under the title GymmyPT and offers the services and facility to avail a personal fitness trainer. Gymmy Lime is Clublime?s mascot.

  1. Club MMM- Day Spa

It goes without saying that the benefits of a spa are many, such as helping to de-stress, promoting better sleep, relieving pains and aches, improving blood flow and circulation, preventing varicose veins, increasing feel-good and happy hormones. ?Club MMM is a day spa facility of Viva Leisure, in the Canberra International sports and Aquatic Center. Do avail the spa services to dive into the experience, first-hand!

Board of Directors: Viva Leisure

The company?s directors add enriched experience and expertise besides offering top knowledge and skills to the board, including a thorough insight and understanding of the industry and business, financial management, and corporate governance.

  1. Bruce Glanville, Independent Chair
  2. Harry Konstantinou, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director
  3. Mark McConnell, Non-Executive Director
  4. Susan Forrester, independent Non- Executive Director

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