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  • Dec 03, 2019 AEDT
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Budget Motels
Budget Motels

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Founded in 1978, Budget Motel Chain was the first Australian-owned motel chain. It is owned by Australian motel operators and operates under various brands like Orbit inns, Budget motels Gold and paragon hotels. ?It started out as an American style "referral" chain type of business, wherein they partnered with property owners. The property owners were free to enjoy their independence and ownership and they would refer guests to their fellow members.

With the advent of the internet, the hospitality and accommodation industry has evolved dramatically, bringing into picture a variety of online travel agents (OTA's) and various other ways to search for and book accommodation for travelers.

The group has over the time grown to become a pioneer in this field keeping up with the changing times and expanding at a rapid pace. They use a custom-built channel manager, UseROSS. This system was first created in 2010, and was focused exclusively on their members. Later, over the years, with growing scope it was, during 2018-2019, completely redesigned and rebuilt with an intention to provide a better, holistic and hassle-free experience by inclusion of more features and functions to make it convenient.

Experiences offered

Pet Friendly accommodations - Australia is undoubtedly one of the best places to travel around the world, go on road trips, visit beaches and parks with friends and family, and of course your pets as well!

Since Australia has the highest pet ownership rates in the world, there is no need to leave your little furry companion behind and Budget Motels solves this with options of many pet friendly properties which look forward to hosting you with your pet companion.

Local exploring experience - Budget Motels as a base to go to the local area and discover Australia's food & wine trails. You can explore the local wineries, lush green orchards and fulfilling farm tours at your leisure and comfort, as you tour the heritage towns and villages whole exploring local. With their properties spread out in the niche and cozy corners of the city,

Walking through the woods ? If you want to find a property in between the woods from where you can take up bush walking or hiking, you will certainly find one with Budget Motels. Their hosts are also knowledgeable. If you pick a property amidst the thick woods you can discover natural beauty of Australia while bush walking or Hiking on walking trails and paths in spectacular national parks, along the stunning coastline and across the striking outback.

For your Family Holidays - Budget Motels provides inexpensive lodging to visit friends and family for your family vacation. Nowadays travel plays a key role in busy family life by giving families a chance to reconnect, refresh, and break from normal routine. A holiday at home is generally a weekend break or a short break. By providing affordable accommodation along the way, Budget Motels helps people make these trips a reality. Budget Motels can also help you plan and prepare for your journey with our hosts to get in touch with your next Budget Motel so that they can welcome you and your family upon arrival.

For your fun trip with friends - It is undoubtedly a source of fun and enjoyment nowadays with groups of friends going on holidays together and making memories. It produces memorable memories that last forever and get you back together, making memories that last forever. Sharing costs such as accommodation with Budget Motels, car hire, food & drink can mean lower holiday costs than traveling as a single traveler or as a couple.

For a memorable surf trip ? Affordable accommodation is provided by Budget Motels for your awesome and memorable surf trip. Surf Australia, two hand-in-hand words. The surf culture and typical bleached blond, sunny surfers are one of the first things people think of when Australia is mentioned. Whether you've never experienced surfing before, or you're an expert, waves are perfect for all. If you're more of an expert, they also have a checklist which is very helpful to preparing for surf trips and aids in convenience for the travelers. They will also provide you a list of surf sports in Australia.

These experiences attract travelers as the brand not only provides accommodation but also adds its own insight and value into the time that you spend at their accommodation. They have homes across the country at various locations.

Locations for properties

New South Wales Properties - New South Wales has many experiences that await you to discover, from beautiful beaches and national parks to historic towns, wine regions, snowfields and the outback. The Budget motel chain has regional NSW properties that provide access to all these experiences and their hosts are more than willing to share their local knowledge with you.

Queensland Properties - Queensland has budget motels to make an inexpensive and relaxing holiday experience. ?Budget Motels are often considered to be safe and comfortable. Queensland is a beautiful state to take in your next holiday. It provides everything for everyone from national parks, rainforests, beaches, animals, islands, 4WD experiences and theme parks, of course. This motel chain has been mindful with their locations enabling travelers to take advantage of everything around.

Properties in South Australia - South Australia has 18 wine regions and has been officially named the World's Great Wine Region. Budget motel chain has affordable, clean and safe accommodations across south Australia for you to indulge in extensive wine options.

Tasmania Properties ? The chain has multiple locations across the beautiful Tasmania for you to explore the nature and also stay in comfort and leisure like the Marquis Hotel Motel, Burnie ocean view motel, Kermandie Lodge, etc.

Victoria Properties ? The chain has a huge list of its properties in Victoria like the Admella Motel, Bendigo Budget Elm Motel, Camperdown Cascade Motel, City Heart Motel, Golden Hills Motel and many more spread across Victoria. If there is a particular location you want to stay at, you will certainly find a budget hotel.

This chain also has a detailed website wherein you can compare rates, checkout their properties, regions, experiences and also make bookings online. You can also list yourself as a host

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