Backpacking to Australia: 6 Must-Have Apps

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Backpacking to Australia: 6 Must-Have Apps

 Backpacking to Australia: 6 Must-Have Apps

One of the most important travel gadgets that you need these days is your smartphone. I don't remember when the last time was, I traveled with a camera to snap pictures of my favorite travel memories or bought a travel guide to find my way around. With my phone, everything is available on just a tap.

Besides clicking pictures, finding your way through Google maps, and staying in touch with your friends, there is so much more than you can do with your smartphone.

Here are some apps that will help you navigate the new transportation systems, keep you updated with the most happening events and of course, will help you to stay organized. Pack your phones with these apps to make your backpacking to Australia a whole lot easier.

1. Vegan food search- HAPPY COW

Happy Cow started as a public service to make the life of vegan travelers easy. People around the globe struggle at times to find plant-based / vegan options and healthy food in the middle of nowhere. The app is vegan run, developed with a vegan perspective, and very easy to use. Their community involves members from around the globe living a vegan life for a healthy, compassionate, and environmentally sustainable future. On the app, you not only find vegan restaurants and health food store guide, but it is an ever-evolving online community serving millions worldwide each day.

Besides finding local vegan food stores and places to eat, it also includes vegan-friendly B&Bs / Hotels around Australia.

2. Find the most economical hostel around the city- Hostels Australia

Hostels Australia is an app that will help you to book Australia?s most comfortable and best hostels just on a tap. With all the fun hostels listed, you will also receive a discount of $3 discount per for five nights by booking hostels directly from the app. All you need to show your virtual membership card while checking-in.

All the listings on the app are verified that means you don?t need to read endless hostel reviews.

Besides the discounts and verified listings through the app, you can also get freebies to access to free drinks, events and 2-4-1 deals.

With all the freebies, discounts and best-picked hostels, this app is a must-have for every backpacker traveling to Australia.

3. Find Real Reviews- HOSTELWORLD

If you want to know the real reviews by real backpackers about how hygienic or fun is that hostel near CBD then HostelWorld is the app for you. It will get you genuine reviews and ratings of a hostel based on its location, hygiene, services, facilities, and of course, value for money. You can filter your search based on your preference.

Huffington Post?s rated the app as one of the Best Travel Apps. With over 10 million reviews this app guarantees 100% booking. There are 36,000 hostels, hotels and B&Bs listed on the app with the number of options around Australia.

You can choose your perfect hostel in preferred central locations, meet and have fun with like-minded travelers and discover a world beyond the typical Australian itinerary.

Also, if your booking can?t be found on check-in then you will be credited with full deposit and an additional $50 towards future bookings!

4. The backpackers guide to food: EAT CLUB

Eat Club is a must-have app for every backpacker going to Australia as you can get a host of discounts at restaurants and cafes.

You can see the live map of your location with restaurants that got exclusive offers and get discounts up to 70% off at popular food joints around Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Adelaide.

The best part is that new deals are uploaded by the restaurants every day, appearing automatically on the app map. Just download the app and claim a deal and get super exciting discounts!

5. The to go travel planning app: KAYAK

How about an application that is the ?Master of all, but Jack of none?? Yes, you heard that right. From the moment you get the enthralling thought of planning the trip, to executing the details. This app has got your back! You can call Kayak your soul mate for the trip, book the most economical flights as this app has the capacity to do a quick check on the latest rates and prices airlines has to offer, it does not stop at that, set your requirements, and Kayak will help you get the price forecast for your tickets, also provide you with a 90 day trend to help you book better. It scans through multiple websites for the most affordable hotel rates. Be it backpacking or luxury, Kayak has it all covered. Hiring a car is just a click away with this app, giving you the most cost-effective options to choose from. Kayak ensures a safe payment gateway, helping you save your payment details, avoiding the hustle of re-entering.

The TRP of this app is that helps you put together your itinerary on one platform, regardless of where you have booked previously. It is more like a secure wallet with all your details. Post booking features, such a flight status, gate details or changes, security wait time, etc. Locate shopping, duty-free, food, lounges and much more with this app. So download now and unlock exclusive deals and super savers!

6. The most happening events and stories: BUZZFEED

Want to know the latest buzz at your next travel destination in Australia? The eateries, the to-do's, stories with inside scoops - We are sure you have heard about BuzzFeed. The app covers and caters to various topics like food, news, what to buy, where to shop via videos, articles, quizzes and much more making this app a favorite among travelers and those who are passionate to stay apprised and are keen to explore what?s happening around the neighborhood. Buzzfeed gives you a holistic view of the events in the city by covering not just the authentic- must-dos but also of the latest events in town. It covers nightlife and is extremely user-friendly.

Traveling in a train, metro, bus or car- Buzzfeed is your companion for all your journeys with an amalgam of news updates, short shows, trending stories and much more. Available on both Android and iOS, this app draws in users of all ages and interests with its vibrant content and gripping graphics.


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