How is the world putting its best foot forward in the clean energy space?

The contemporary gospel truth is that clean energy is better for the planet and humanity, compared to energy derived from fossil fuels. Its advantages in preventing greenhouse gas emissions, providing cleaner air and giving energy to marginalised communities are considered by many as providing a better future for all.

The world has a unique opportunity to accelerate clean development by putting renewable energy at the forefront of global objectives. So, what should be done? For starters, governments can inject money into their economies so that the generation capacity of renewables increases. This can, in turn, help governments deliver stronger climate action under the Paris Agreement. Then, countries can set goals, rather “green targets” and work towards them.

Threatened by climate change, Spain is turning to renewable energy, and its new power plants are setting the standard for sustainability. A National Geographic report suggests that the Totana Solar Plant contributes 85 megawatts of electricity to Spain’s national power network and represents Spain’s passionate commitment to fighting climate change.





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