All You need to know about Ideation

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All You need to know about Ideation

*Ideation is the process of generating ideas, which includes acquiring information and collecting thoughts about those ideas. Ideation can be applied to existing services or goods to improve them. As a result, it is a method of producing fresh concepts and ideas for future improvements.

*Ideation is a term used in the business world to describe the process of creating and communicating prescriptive ideas to others.

*The variety of ideas developed during the cooperation stages is narrowed down to one dominant notion that will best guide the group's next actions.

*Six people jot down three ideas in five minutes using the method 6-3-5 of brainstorming. When the five minutes are up, members of the team move their sheet to the next person so that their colleague can develop their thoughts.

*Companies can use a storyboard to create visual storytelling about their issue or remedy. For example, the activity allows groups to depict their ideal customer and the scenarios in which they might interact with the company.


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