SKN’s SuprCuvr, world’s most powerful coronavirus killer

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SKN’s SuprCuvr, world’s most powerful coronavirus killer

SuprCuvr, hospital-grade disinfectant made using a 100% plant-based formula
Image source: Company website


  • Skin Elements’ SuprCuvr is one of the world’s most effective disinfectant against COVID-19.
  • It has been registered under TGA as a hospital-grade disinfectant made using a 100% plant-based formula.
  • SuprCuvr is available for purchase in different sizes on its digital shopping platform -

Australian natural health care company Skin Elements (ASX: SKN) has been building its product portfolio using its SE formula based on the core values of Science - Knowledge – Nature. The company is focused on developing natural, organic, and antimicrobial formula utilising natures power through their expertise in science and innovation. One such organic product developed by Skin Elements is SuprCuvr, the world’s most effective disinfectant against COVID-19.

SKN’s SuprCuvr: World’s Most Powerful COVID-19 coronavirus killer

SuprCuvr World’s Most Powerful COVID-19 coronavirus killer

Image source: Company website

SuprCuvr is a TGA (Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods) registered hospital-grade disinfectant made using a 100% plant-based formula. The disinfectant contains Caprylic acid, also known as Octanoic acid, as an active ingredient. Caprylic acid can be obtained from plant products such as coconut. Since SuprCuvr has been designed using 100% plant-based ingredients, it shows absolutely no reaction on the skin.

An independent laboratory test was performed, which delivered encouraging results for the product. It confirmed that SuprCuvr has 99.99999% (7 log reduction1) effectiveness against COVID 19. Also, as per research conducted by Skin Elements, SuprCuvr is the world’s first and only approved disinfectant with a 99.99999% efficacy against COVID 19 and is rated at LOG 7 Reduction.

The combination of exceptionally high efficacy in a 100% plant-based formula presents a significant market opportunity for SuprCuvr in large-scale settings where disinfectants are deployed.

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SKN partners with Pacific Health to establish SuprCuvr in the market

The award-winning skin care company recently entered into a binding agreement with Pacific Health in January for distribution of SuprCuvr across Australia and New Zealand. As part of the agreement, Skin Elements has delivered its first shipment of 120,200 litres of SuprCuvr with sales value of AU$1.14m to Pacific Health Care. SuprCuvr is now stocked by 168 IGA and 15 Good Grocer IGA supermarkets in Western Australia.

Pacific Health is also distributing and marketing SuprCuvr to the mining, hospitality (including Airbnb), education, health care (hospitals and aged care), office and transport sectors.

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SuprCuvr available online in diff sizes

SuprCuvr is available in three different sizes

Image source: Company website

Skin Elements has launched a digital shopping platform for SuprCuvr - The product is now available online in three bottle sizes. Buy as per your need.

  • 80ml – preferably for portable protection, easy to carry
  • 145ml – preferably for use in the car
  • 285ml – preferably for use at home or office

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Stock information: SKN stock last traded at AU$0.033 on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), with a market capitalisation of AU$14.29 million, as on 13 May 2022.



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