Assessing Fiducian Group’s (ASX:FID) outlook and forward plan

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Assessing Fiducian Group’s (ASX:FID) outlook and forward plan

 Assessing Fiducian Group’s (ASX:FID) outlook and forward plan
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  • Fiducian Group follows the disciplined execution of its business plans, which improves its financial returns and further strengthens its position.
  • FID’s financial experts and in-house WealthTech have assisted clients in securing a confident financial future over the years.
  • FID’s levels of free cash and the debt-free stance bode well for the Company to support additional acquisitions and its growth strategies.

Fiducian Group Limited (ASX:FID) has shown significant resilience and ability to manage uncertainties due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This has been possible through the disciplined execution of its business plans that empower the company to enhance its financial returns and further strengthen its position.

FID’s Funds under Management stood at AU$4.1 billion as of 30 April 2022, and the recent performance has empowered the Company to boost its financial returns and solidify its balance sheet.

Given this backdrop, let’s explore FID’s funds management approach and the Company’s forward plan.

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FID’s funds management approach

FID brings together a variety of fund managers into a single fund through its Manage the Manager system. The investment team continuously executes extensive research in Australia as well as overseas to find the best fund managers for inclusion in a Fiducian Fund.

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The Company implements a carefully structured research process involving the usage of quantitative and qualitative analyses to identify well-performing funds managed by skilled and experienced investment teams, which have good performance without taking undue risks.

Over the years, FID’s financial planners and in-house WealthTech have assisted its clients in securing a confident financial future and commercial success for business owners. The tailored approach employed by FID helps its clients meet their lifestyle and financial needs.

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Economic outlook and FID’s stance

Volatility across global markets has seen a spike due to inflationary pressures and countermeasures taken by central governments to fight inflation, like raising interest rates have also resulted in investors resetting their return expectations.

Given this backdrop, the role of FID’s financial planners in developing a financial plan with the objective of attaining a diversified investment strategy is further accentuated. FID has a history of successfully providing services to its clients and offers its highly effective, Manage the Manager System. The system can be tailored to the distinct lifestyle and financial needs of each client.

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FID looks to capture the market share from the disintegration of large wealth businesses and attract IFAs and breakaway firms from larger dealer groups. The company also plans to provide IFA-targeted products, white labels and badges, as well as expand SMA offerings.

FID also has plans to extend the distribution of Fiducian Funds in New Zealand via established platforms.

The Company remains debt free, and levels of free cash could come handy to support further acquisitions and its growth strategies.

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