RooLife Group: The Online Gateway to China

Fully-integrated e-commerce and digital marketing company, RooLife Group Ltd (ASX: RLG), powered by the RooLife Group hyper-personalisation Artificial Intelligence (AI) System, enables businesses to sell more effectively online, with a focus on the Australian and Chinese markets via optimisation of online engagement, customer acquisition and direct sales for its customers.

The Company’s Roolife online e-Commerce marketplaces assist businesses, particularly those companies that have Australia and China-focussed sales strategies, to boost online sales of their products and services, The payments are directly processed via the WeChat and Alipay mobile payments platforms, and also in partnership with Novatti, a leader in cross-border payment processing with AFSL accreditation. Additionally, the Company provides logistics support and licensing solutions to international brands eyeing to sell in China.

Thus, Roolife can be considered “the Online Gateway to China”. The Company is publicly listed, offering diversified exposure to the largest and fastest growing online shopping market in the world.

Presently, the Group is experiencing strong growth in customer and revenue base on the back of expanding international application, and high demand from brands and clients seeking to strengthen their Chinese market positioning.

China is considered to be a massive online shopping market where three out of four customers buy online while the number of mobile internet users are as high as 845 million. RooLife’s customer base presents a high-growth investment opportunity.

Roolife allows a growing number of brands from Australia, New Zealand, Europe, the United States and North America, to continuously sell high-quality products to Chinese consumers 24/7 based on their profiles and purchase preferences.

Additionally, Roolife tourism focussed solutions attract and connects with Chinese tourist and travellers making it easy for them to buy. The Company’s Airport Duty-Free Shopping platform allows Chinese travellers to connect immediately as they land at an airport, shop while traveling and even when they return to China.

Sources: RLG’s TechKnow Invest Conference Presentation

Now, given the current situation that China is facing due to Covid-19, commonly known as coronavirus, the number of online shoppers from home has never been higher. Here, it can be well concluded that “Out Of Crisis, Comes Opportunity”. Although the demand for RooLife’s products remains high, the Company did experience some logistical and product supply bottlenecks through the month of March 2020, as a consequence of Covid-19 pandemic.

Nevertheless, the cashflow impact of Covid-19 is planned to be mitigated by the Company by accessing the various federal and state government Covid-19 assistance packages. The Company closed the March Quarter 2020 with cash receipts of $ 783k, with $ 1,791k in cash.

RooLife is a growing business with strong and diverse revenue streams, a highly scalable business model, operations in strong growth sectors, and an expanding database of customers. Especially in times like these, RooLife is playing a crucial role in providing Chinese consumers with trustworthy, safe, and credible health and well-being products.

Sources: RLG’s TechKnow Invest Conference Presentation

RooLife is well positioned with investment in diversified and strong growth sectors, presenting itself with a lucrative opportunity to leverage from in the future.

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Recent Developments:

  1. During the March Quarter 2020, RooLife Group was appointed as the exclusive digital marketing provider and sales distribution partner in China for Nuria Beauty brand, owned by Small World Brands, a US- and Singapore-based beauty and wellness company. As RooLife will enable Nuria Beauty to directly access China’s growing ~$ 33 billion worth of skincare market.
  2. Mr Tim Allison was appointed as an Independent Non-Executive Director in February 2020.
  3. To curb with the impact of Covid-19, a number of cost-saving measures with implemented with Company directors, employees and contractors agreeing to reductions in their salaries.
  4. As reported, RooLife has driven more than 9.24 million unique social media engagements for AFT Pharmaceuticals (ASX: AFP) across its managed Chinese digital platforms. Besides, the Company is also launching a Little Red Book Store in China for AFT’s Vitamin C Lipo-Sachetsto access and sell to its 300 million users. RooLife and AFT Pharmaceuticals are well-placed to capitalise China’s surge in demand for healthcare products.
  5. In April 2020, RooLife was appointed by Hangzhou, P.R.C. based Co Ltd as a Marketing Partner for Alipay’s online platform and services.

The RLG stock was trading at $ 0.024 at AEST 01:50 PM on 12 May 2020. RLG has delivered a positive return of 56.25% in the last one month.





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